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Square Floor Lamps

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Shape: Square
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  • isskuS7 Globe Floor Lamp
  • isskuS7 Burke Floor Lamp
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Why We Love Square Floor Lamps

Minimalist and modern with a bold, clean shape square floor lamps are finding their way into homes and hearts across the world. Whether it’s a structured base, a sharp shade, or an angled accent these lamps step out of the box with their unique shape. If you want to highlight the square shape, you can do so by installing and/or . Used in conjunction with a square floor lamps, you’ll have a beautifully layered lighting scheme and a subtle contemporary tone to your home. Square floor lamps are easy to incorporate with existing pieces and help create the perfect ambiance for welcoming friends and family.

Where Modern Square Floor Lamps Work Best

Obviously square floor lamps serve a practical purpose by providing light, but they can also serve an extremely important decorative purpose. Even with the most meticulously curated collections, you might find that sometimes things look one-dimensional or flat. Floor lamps with square shades are a great way to height and presence to your decor without overshadowing any of your other decorative choices. A vertical presence draws the eye upward, making things look much more put-together. Place your square floor lamp between an accent chair and a couch, where you may be looking for something taller or use them in a dark corner to add light and a statuesque profile. You can also use them in a bedroom as bright but gentle general lighting. Aside from proximity to a wall outlet, these beautiful lamps can be placed basically anywhere.

Favorite Square Floor Lamp Colors & Shapes

All of these lights are joined together by one unique feature, the inclusion of a square shape. But, other than that, they could not be more different. Some pieces feature delicate square, paper shades while others boast big and bold, square iron bases. A mixture of wooden accents with clean sharp lines gives some of these pieces a cool, mid-century modern feel. And ultra simplistic and bare bones shapes make others feel totally minimalist. Our favorite pieces are the ones that incorporate their namesake shape in an unusual way. Think stacking square frames, cool double shaded lamps with square iron shading, and pyramid style, square bottomed bases.

How to Choose the Best Square Floor Lamps

From size and style to height and placement, there are many different factors that go into choosing a square floor lamp. Because there are so many options in so many different styles, it can be hard to make a decision. One way to narrow down your options is to decide how you want to use your lamp. If you just want to add another layer of light to your home, a lamp with a square shade to diffuse the light is best. On the other hand, if you want to use the fixture as a reading light, a floor lamp with a directional shade and a modern square base is your best option. If you have tall ceiling or a big open space, you’ll likely want to opt for a . The most important thing to remember is to put function before form.

Other Considerations

Small or large, modern or traditional, each designer brought something unique to the table with these lamps, but you could say the same of almost any floor lamps. , which lack the sharp lines of square floor lamps, make up for it with soft, graceful curves and even, ambient lighting. take the simplest shapes and cleanest lines and turn them into interesting and understated home fixtures.