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Display Shelves

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  • Gridy Fungi Shelf
    3 Size Options
    $6995 - $14995
  • Welf Wall Shelf
    2 Size Options


    $7120 - $10320 $89.00 - $129.00
  • Shelfish Shelf
  • Corniche Wall Shelf
    3 Size Options
    $8500 - $15000
  • Sliced Shelf
    2 Size Options
    $13500 - $17500
  • Bookworm Shelf
    3 Size Options
    $53500 - $1,39500
  • 3 Product Options
  • Plinth Shelf


  • Corbel Shelf
  • Gridy Fungi Shelf by Menu (Dark Oak/Large) - OPEN BOX RETURN

Learn More About Display Shelves

Why We Love Display Shelves

Your home's walls can do so much more than simply display a framed photo. Modern wall shelves allow you to show off just about any small home décor accents, from sculptures to books, clocks, tiny plants and more. Shelving adds the convenience of storage where once there was none, paired with the ability to put attractive items on display for all to see. The vast selection of home shelving options makes it easy to find something that coordinates with your interior design. Your display shelves can add a burst of color or keep the look simple with hues that blend into the current palette.

Where Display Shelves Work Best

Wall-mounted shelves provide an instant facelift for just about any room in the home. The noticeable impact of adding a shelf with meaningful accents on display is immediate. You can show off books in your family room, den or study on stately shelves. In the bedroom, you can showcase family photos, candles or even small vases with freshly cut flowers. Shelving in the kitchen is perfect for spices while bathroom shelving completes the décor of the room. Modern wall shelves in nurseries, children's bedrooms or in a play area make it easy to display toys, name blocks, books and other special knickknacks.

A Display Shelf for Every Style

From the minimalist to the baroque, contemporary display shelves are available to suit your stylistic preferences. Unique shelving options by Vitra offer a sturdy surface to set your belongings with the visual bonus of mimicking a rocky cliff side. The designs of Kartell awaken the imagination and energize the room with brilliant color and whimsical shapes of shelving just perfect for storing a few good reads. Bend Goods offers wall shelving for creative spaces, relying on geometric prowess to finish the look. Numerous other designers also craft expressive shelves that are ideal for displaying favorite home accents and enhancing the home's décor.

Choosing the Best Display Shelves

When it comes to choosing wall décor to complement a room, the size of the wall space should be your first consideration. Take a few measurements to ensure the space fits your intended artwork or shelving. Next, it's time to consider the colors. Decide if you would like something that complements what you already have or something that stands apart from the rest of the room. You can find different materials such as wood, metal, and transparent PMMA plastic offering a delightfully juicy appearance. Finally, follow your sense of style to create a warm and inviting look and feel for your home. If you have any questions about the wall-mounted shelving featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like the look of wall-mounted shelves for different rooms around the house, you may also enjoy other creative display options for your home. Check out the selection of contemporary wall hooks and racks for visually appealing storage or a variety of coat racks for an instant place to hang your outerwear. Magazine racks offer versatile storage that is just as attractive as it is functional. For even bigger storage options, look into full storage shelves and bookcases to hold your tomes and trifles. And truly highlight whatever item of decor your choose to put on display with the help of display lighting.

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