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Serving Trays

35 Results
  • Namaste Set of 3 Plates/Trays
  • BASIC Tray
    4 Size Options
    $2599 - $3399
  • Rotary Tray
  • BORDA Oak Tray
    3 Size Options
    $2499 - $4599
  • Michael Graves Round Tray with Handles
  • Alto Tray
  • Teema Platter
    2 Size Options
    $7000 - $7900
  • Round Club Tray
  • Taika Platter
  • Michael Graves Oval Tray with Handles
  • Dressed Air Serving Plate


  • Veneer Serving Tray
    $11000 - $15000
  • Wilo Hardwood Tray
    2 Size Options
    $2999 - $4199
  • Dressed Round Tray
  • Essence Oval Plate, Set of 2
  • PILAR Serving Plate
  • Foix Round Tray
  • ABENTO Hardwood Tray
    2 Size Options


    $4499 - $7999
  • Teema Mini Serving Set
  • Raami Oak Serving Tray
    3 Size Options
    $7500 - $14000
  • BORDA Oak Serving Board Set of 2
  • Aalto Serving Tray
    2 Size Options
    $5000 - $10000
  • Dressed In Wood Domed Lid
  • PALUA Hardwood Set



Learn More About Serving Trays

Why We Love Serving Trays

Serve meals and desserts to your guests in style with a set of new trays. These decorative serving trays give you the ability to highlight your sense of style while also serving a functional purpose of carrying your culinary concoctions. For everyday dining or bigger events like Thanksgiving and the holidays where you will be serving multiple people, serving trays are a fundamental part of any dining experience. And whether you're serving food items or beverages, you'll appreciate doing so with a well-designed tray.

Where Decorative Serving Trays Work Best

Acting as a platter for any kind of food item gives these trays a range of possibilities in your home. Food preparation is made easy with a few trays in the kitchen where they can be found holding various food items before you are ready to serve guests. You'll also appreciate these trays for anywhere in the dining room, be it atop the formal dining table or on a console table. A range of sizes allows you to serve anything from petite delicacies and appetizers before the main course to main entrees and delicious desserts after dinner.

Food Serving Trays for Every Style

Kitchens and dining areas vary in aesthetic and you'll need a set of serving trays to fit the personality of your space. Wooden serving trays from the Alessi collection are a natural fit in traditional and rustic themed rooms. The Italian Design Factory also offers several other serving, dinnerware and tabletop items, allowing you to refresh your entertaining experience all at once. Kartell's assortment of colorful plastic serving trays fit a modern dining room and are guaranteed to add a bit of noticeable character. Intricate patterns and designs can be found in the selection of trays from Iittala and you'll want to check out Blomus for clean-lined, stainless steel serving trays and platters.

Choosing the Best Serving Trays

First, examine your current dining experience and identify what you might be missing to help guide you in picking out new trays. Decide what you prefer your serving trays and other serveware to be made out of; here you'll find wooden serving trays, plastic serving trays, silver serving trays, metal serving trays and much more. You can also determine if you would like serving trays with handles or prefer those without handles that can sit comfortably on any flat surface. Size is another important factor as you will find large serving trays to smaller options that may be a better fit for your occasion. If you have any questions about the serving trays featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Continue to up the ante of your entertaining with additional table decorations. From placemats and table runners to dinnerware and a large variety of glassware, you'll find everything you need to effectively set the table and the mood of the dinner party. If you're planning to serve multiple guests, you may want to consider a new dining table to properly sit everyone. Finally, give your floors a bit of decorative flair with a modern area rug appropriately positioned underneath the dining table.

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