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Mid-Century Modern Sofas

74 Results
  • Zeal Daybed
    Fabric Color
    $99500 - $1,17500
  • Lampert Sofa
  • Jane 2 Bi-Sectional Sofa
  • Polder Sofa
    Fabric Color
  • Barcelona Couch with Straps in Matching Leather
    $12,68500 - $14,68500
  • Jane 2 Sofa
  • Wallace Sofa
  • N701 3 Seater Sofa
    3 Seater Sofa Color
    $3,12900 - $4,68900
  • Bedford Sleeper Lounge
    Fabric Color
  • N701 2 Seater Sofa
    2 Seater Sofa Color
    $2,05900 - $3,51900
  • Atwood Bi-Sectional
  • N701 1 Seater Sofa
    1 Seater Sofa Color
    $1,43900 - $2,24900
  • Dublexo Deluxe Sofa, Metal Base
  • Foundry Leather Sofa
  • N701 Corner Sofa
    Corner Sofa Color
  • Foundry Sofa
  • Silverlake Sofa
  • Bloke Arm Chaise


    $1,83920 $2,299.00
  • Bloke Armless Sofa


    $1,67920 - $1,83920 $2,099.00 - $2,299.00
  • Adelaide Sofa
  • Milo Leather Loveseat
  • Bank 80 inch Sofa


    $1,67920 $2,099.00
  • Dublexo Eik Sofa
    Fabric Color

Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Mid-century modern sofas are supremely functional additions to your living space, serving as the centerpiece of your room. In addition to offering must-have seating, these retro sofas deliver serious style to your space. Clean, modern lines, tufted accents, and tapered legs are just some of the design touches that stand out on these sleek sofas. Plus, thanks to many styles, you're sure to find one that complements your home decor.

Where Retro Sofas Work Best

Mid-century sofas work well wherever comfortable seating is a must. A family room can be the perfect spot for a mid-century modern sectional that offers ample seating in the room where your family often gathers. You can add a sleek retro couch to your living room, providing practical seating that adds style to your space. Consider mid-century modern couches for other spaces in your home as well. A spacious master bedroom or a sitting room can suit these sofas, allowing you to cozy up with a book and relax on these comfortable pieces.

Mid-Century Modern Sofa Ideas for Every Style

Modern sofas come in many styles, making it simple for you to find one that complements your design style. Gus Modern sofas include many styles with mid-century appeal. Clean lines, tailored upholstery, tufted accents and stainless steel bases are just some of the features of these sofas. You can find both sofas and sectionals in this line. If you want to make a statement with your sofa, check out Vitra's line of modern sofas. Its Freeform Sofa, for example, features a unique elongated silhouette and comes in an array of natural colors. Finally, check out Jonathan Adler's collection of sofas, which showcase soft upholstery, tailored design and mahogany legs.

How to Choose the Best Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Selecting a sofa for your home is an important purchase since it can serve as the centerpiece of your room. Therefore, choosing the right sofa is a must. First, think about how much space you have on the sofa and what style you want. You can find sleek three-seater sofas with a modest footprint or larger sectionals that deliver extra seating. Then, decide what color sofa will look best in your home. Mid-century modern couches are available in many neutral colors, including black, brown, cream, gray, and white. Finally, evaluate the frame and finish of the sofa. You can find sturdy wooden framed sofas with richly finished legs, as well as stainless steel frames with tapered metallic legs that stand out. By focusing on these important features, you're sure to find the right retro couch for your home. If you have any questions about the retro and mid-century sofas featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you love the look of a mid-century modern sofa, don't stop your search for furniture here. Check out sleeper sofas, which are versatile additions to your home that serve dual purposes. Whether you need extra seating or a spot for a guest to spend the night, a sleeper couch will fit your needs. Sectional sofas offer ample seating, making them perfect for a large room or large family. You can find plenty of other retro furniture styles to choose from as well. Check out living room furniture, which can include lounge chairs, benches, coffee tables, and more. You can outfit your entire house in the classically chic 1950s-inspired look.

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