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Black Pendant Lighting

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Why We Love Black Pendant Lighting

Sleek and sophisticated, black pendant lighting enhances the mood of your home with timelessness and grace. Black hanging lights deliver needed illumination while working effortlessly with the existing color palette and décor scheme of the space. Many diverse styles make it easy to find a light fixture that suits your preferences and provides just the right lighting output to allow for the completion of tasks. Black pendant lights come in endless shapes and sizes to satisfy the lighting requirements throughout your home, with choices of much black coloring or subtle black accents. Whatever you decide, these lovely fixtures will lighten the room as well as the mood.

Where Black Pendant Lighting Works Best

The beauty of black pendant lighting is that it works well just about anywhere you wish to have light in your home. Consider black pendant lights in lieu of a above the table in your dining room or kitchen. These attractive hanging light fixtures also look charming above the countertop or another tabletop surface. You can elevate the aesthetics of your grand foyer or great room with a magnificent pendant or brighten your bedroom with black hanging lights. Pendant lights work well above a workshop bench or craft table where task lighting is at a premium. The finished basement is another key candidate for this lovely style of lighting. Almost anywhere you have available ceiling space is a good candidate for a pendant.

Black Pendant Light Ideas for Every Style

No matter if you prefer the vintage looks of bygone eras or a touch of contemporary charm, you can find black pendant lights for just about any space. Designs by Tom Dixon embrace the curved edge as well as elements brimming with multi-dimensional beauty. Multi-light pendants by Pablo Lighting play tricks with aesthetic symmetry, creating new visually pleasing designs with exceptional lighting output. Black hanging lights by Muuto rekindle visions of industrial allure, showcasing elements like bare light bulbs and bowl shades with a touch of minimalistic bliss. Finally, look to Bertjan Pot's Random Light from Moooi for a modern black ceiling pendant you'll be happy to put on display anywhere in your home. You will be sure to find a style of black pendant lighting that fits with your home's theme and your desired ambiance.

How to Choose the Best Black Pendant Lighting

The classic look and feel of colorless pendant lighting makes it a great choice for many parts of the home. This gives you plenty of flexibility in choosing a fixture that works with the layout and interior design style of your home. The size of your pendant light depends on the size of the space where you plan to hang it. To find an appropriately sized pendant light, first, measure the length and width of the room and then look for fixtures of that size in inches. When choosing any pendant light, determine whether you prefer a hard-wired fixture or a hanging light that can easily plug into the wall. And be sure to find the right shape for your application too. If you have any questions about the black pendant lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like the way black pendant lights work in your home, you may also enjoy similar lighting options. Consider a beautiful  as another style you can hang in your dining room, great room or grand foyer. And once you have a ceiling light all picked out, consider complementing it and layering your lighting with sconces. Wall sconces, including plug-in fixtures, uplights, and swing-arm wall lights, work to round out the overall amount of illumination in a given room. Put your new choice of pendant lighting on a dimmer switch to control the amount of output or to really set the mood with your lighting.

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