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Minka-Lavery Sconces

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  • Skyline LED Outdoor Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $13495 - $19495
  • Aspen II Wall Sconce
    3 Size Options
    $10290 - $19950
  • Ainsley Court Wall Sconce
  • Aspen II Half Circle Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $6995 - $8495
  • Covent Park Wall Sconce


  • Square LED Bath Wall Sconce
  • Fieldale Lodge Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $9995 - $15540
  • Vortic Flow Wall Sconce
  • Downtown Edison Domed Wall Sconce
  • City Street Outdoor LED Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options


    $10995 - $12390
  • Downtown Edison Domed Outdoor Wall Sconce
  • Geox Outdoor Pocket Lantern
    $14495 - $18495
  • Compositions Wall Sconce 6461-273
  • Tofino Wall Sconce No. 6761
  • Bath Art Wall Sconce
  • Wall Sconce No. 6211
  • Clarte Wall Sconce No. 4393
  • Bridlewood Wall Sconce
  • Maddox Roe 4600 Wall Sconce
  • Harbour Point Wall Sconce
  • Tyson's Gate Wall Sconce
    3 Size Options
    $9995 - $16995
  • Keyport Wall Sconce


  • RLM Outdoor Wall Sconce
    3 Product Options
    $3495 - $16995
  • Aston Court Wall Sconce No. 4742

Learn More About Minka-Lavery Sconces

Why We Love Minka Lavery Sconces

Minka Lavery sconces are a diverse collection of wall-mounted fixtures that illuminate your home. No matter your personal style, you can find sconces in this line that complement it. Whether you're looking for durable outdoor lighting or indoor sconces that can enhance your home's interior, you can find what you're looking for. Minka Lavery lighting is available in a variety of hand-painted finishes, ranging from classic brass to modern chrome. Intricate details, including embroidered shades, accent these sconces, allowing you to achieve a stylish layered lighting look in any room of your home.

Where Minka Lavery Wall Lights Work Best

Minka Lavery wall lights are versatile fixtures that work well in a variety of spaces in your home. The outdoor wall sconces are ideal for mounting near a door, providing illumination that's both practical and inviting after the sun sets. The indoor lights can accent virtually any room of your home. Add them to the walls of your living room or family room to create a layered lighting look that adds warmth to the space. Minka Lavery's collection of well-designed sconces can brighten a dark hallway or illuminate your entryway or foyer. They even work well in your bathroom, providing stylish and practical illumination in spaces that demand adequate lighting. With so many styles to choose from, chances are you'll find several spots in your home that will look better with Minka Lavery lighting.

A Minka Lavery Sconce for Every Style

Minka Lavery sconces include many designs, which makes it easy to find a style that complements your home decor. For example, the Clarte Wall Sconce No. 4393 features a cylindrical shade made of dappled Deep Spumanti Lace glass. Available in two finishes, this wall sconce adds warm, golden light to any home. The Aspen II Wall Sconce welcomes a refined yet rustic touch to your home, with its bronze finish, artisan-like iron detailing. Try this light in your foyer, family room or even in the hallway. Finally, the Pearl LED Wall Sconce brings contemporary style into your space. This flat sconce features a modern nickel finish, energy-efficient LED bulb, and etched white glass accent.

How to Choose the Best Minka Lavery Sconces

Whether you love a traditional look, an antique-inspired fixture with vintage appeal, or a sleek contemporary piece with clean lines, you can find Minka Lavery sconces that suit your style. Finding the right one depends on your design preferences and room layout. Some wall sconces mount flush against the wall, making them ideal for small rooms where space is tight. On the other hand, you can pick a larger and more elaborate wall sconce, perhaps one that features a glass or metal shade, for rooms with more space. Choose from a variety of finishes to find one that complements the existing finishes in your home. Minka Lavery sconces come in several hand-painted finishes, including bronze, chrome, black and more. Finally, think about how your want the light to be projected in your home. You can find sconces with an exposed light source, as well as styles with frosted glass or LED lights behind or inside shades. If you have any questions about the Minka Lavery wall sconces featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you love the look of Minka Lavery wall sconces, you have many other types of lighting in this brand to explore. Minka Lavery chandeliers can add a stylish touch to your dining room or an entryway. As soon as guests enter the front door, they will be met with sense of style. And if you need to upgrade the lighting in your throne room, check out the line of Minka Lavery bathroom lighting. Lastly, keep any room cool and comfortable with a Minka Lavery ceiling fan as part of the Minka Aire line.

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