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How To Choose Wall Lights


Wall Lighting Buyer’s Guide:
How To Choose Wall Lights


If you’re looking to amp up the ambiance or add depth to your décor, the writing is on the…well, you know. Wall lights might be just the thing missing from your home’s lighting scheme.

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Running the gamut from function to flair, wall lights come in a wide array of styles and serve many purposes. can provide necessary illumination for safety, accent architectural features and artwork, add task lighting or serve as décor all on their own. Here, we answer some of the most frequently wondered whats, wheres and whys of wall lighting.

Icicle LED Wand Sconce by Boyd Lighting

Wall lights bridge form and function by providing ambient illumination and serving as a decorative element. Shown:

Tam Tam A Wall Sconce by Marset

Wall lights are a great option for bedside lighting to free up nightstand space. Shown:

Link Wall Mount Task Lamp by Pablo Designs

The office is also ideal for adjustable wall lights that can focus light where you need it without taking up desktop space. Shown:

Set LED Wall Art by Vibia

How many wall lights you need and where to place them can depend on the decorative look you’re going for. Shown here:

Profile Picture Light by House Of Troy

Wall lights can be used to highlight and accent architectural elements or artwork. Shown:

Tribeca Warren Wall Sconce by Menu

Plug-in wall sconces offer a permanent look with an easy installation. Shown: