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Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

87 Results
  • Aether 3.5-Inch LED Shallow Housing Trimless Downlight
    $20695 - $21595
  • Skygarden Recessed
    $59500 - $64500
  • Iolite 2 Inch Adjustable LED Trim
    $8190 - $9270
  • Aether 3.5 inch Square LED Trimless Downlight
    $18895 - $20695
  • Gimbal 3 Inch Square LED Trim
  • 6-Inch BR30 Open Frame Trim
  • Aether 3.5-Inch LED Shallow Housing Adjustable Trim
    $22495 - $23395
  • Iolite 4 Inch Regressed Cone Adjustable LED Trim
    $8190 - $9290
  • Lotos LED Round Adjustable Recessed Kit
    3 Size Options


    $2746 - $3250 $30.51 - $36.11
  • 6-Inch Albalite Trim
    $2274 - $3060
  • 4-Inch PAR20 Flush Gimbal Ring Trim
  • 4-Inch Adjustable Reflector Cone Trim
  • Regressed Plenum 4 Inch Square LED Trim
  • Regressed Plenum 6 inch LED Square Trim
  • 6-Inch Standard Slope Lensed Shower Trim with Diffuser
  • Axis LED Recessed Gimbal Trim
    2 Size Options


    $4491 - $5058
  • 4-Inch Mini Eyeball Trim
  • 6-Inch Fresnel Trim
  • 4-Inch Frosted Glass Trim
  • 4-Inch Adjustable Slot Aperture Trim
  • Axis 1-Inch LED Recessed Gimbal Trim
    Color Temperature


  • 5-Inch Baffle Trim
    $2218 - $2498
  • 4-Inch Frosted Lens with Clear Center Trim
  • 5-Inch Reflector Cone Trim

Why We Love Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Recessed lighting trims give a clean and crisp display of light in the home, offering illumination that is effective as task lighting as well as mood lighting and all-purpose lighting. The selection of line voltage recessed lights tie directly into the home's power supply, making them an easy upgrade to your existing lighting system. Line voltage recessed lighting trims are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customize the lights' layout to correlate with the ceiling's shape and size. Whether you prefer something basic or a fancy light with decorative accents, you can find just the right trims to suit your space and your style.

Where Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims Work Best

The pristine beauty of recessed lighting trims enhances the look and feel of just about any space in your home. Many homeowners finish their basements and choose recessed lights to cover a widespread area with ample light. Due to their oft-small sizes, bathrooms also work nicely with recessed lighting for task lighting and general illumination. And line voltage trims for the bathroom are rated for safe use near the presence of water. Popular for cooking and entertaining, the kitchen also craves effective light that line voltage recessed lighting can easily deliver. This style of lighting also works well in bedrooms, playrooms, the den or study and just about any location throughout the home.

A Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trim for Every Style

From traditional to contemporary, you can find recessed lighting trims to suit any style and just about any space in the house. WAC Lighting offers trims that blend nicely into the background, complementing your existing décor without calling attention to themselves. Line voltage recessed lighting designs by FLOS embrace an opulent beauty all their own, featuring fancy details that are sure to spark a conversation. The many styles of Juno Lighting provide something for everyone, with specialty trims made from glass, baffle trims, adjustable lights, reflector cone trims, and much more. With so many unique options available, you'll be sure to find just the right recessed lighting trims for your space.

Choosing the Best Line Voltage Recessed Lighting Trims

Choosing line voltage recessed lighting can be a little more complicated than simply selecting a new light to hang over your kitchen table. These lights have a few technical specifications you must first satisfy. First, ensure that you really do need line voltage versus low voltage according to your home's power and where you plan to install the lights. Line voltage draws power directly from the home without the need for a transformer. Next, consider whether you will be looking into an eco-friendly LED style of trim or more traditional lighting. Finally, consider how the different styles will elevate the aesthetics of your home and choose a design that coordinates with your existing palette and décor. If you have any questions about the line voltage recessed trims featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Once you have selected your recessed lighting trims, it's time to pick out the appropriate recessed lighting housings to complete the lighting system. While the trim is the decorative part that is visible from the ceiling, the housing is the can that installs inside of the ceiling and powers the fixture. If you like the line voltage trims, you might also appreciate the different line voltage track lighting options available. Lastly, consider adding a dimmer switch to give your family better control over the brightness and intensity of the lights.

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