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Florence Knoll Eight Drawer Credenza by Florence Knoll for

$14,710.00 - $18,889.00 + FREE SHIPPING
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Combine practicality with visual appeal in this Florence Knoll Eight-Drawer Credenza by Knoll. It not only fits in seamlessly with the 1954 Lounge collection, but also has the customization options and versatility to match any décor story. The four box drawers feature partitions for easy organization, while a further four file drawers make this piece well-suited to your home or professional office.

Knoll is Modern Always® because modern always works. For over 80 years, each chair, table, and desk has been conceived and constructed with a forward-thinking mentality, using the most advanced production methods and materials to create an immersive sensory experience that can last a lifetime. In doing so, the company has mastered the vital and nuanced elements behind furniture efficiency, ergonomics, and comfort while, at the same time, using recovery practices and materials that positively impact the environment.

The Florence Knoll Eight Drawer Credenza is available with the following:
  • Four Box Drawers each containing a removable partition
  • Four Full-Extension File Drawers with two metal bars each for hanging files
  • Material(s) Wood: veneer, marble and polished or satin aluminum
  • Optional central locking system requires only one key to open the credenza (sold separately, see options below).
  • The KnollStudio logo and Florence Knoll's signature are stamped on inside of credenza leg.
  • Designed by Florence Knoll in 1961
  • Made In Italy
  • Base Finish: Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome
  • Top Finish: Natural Oak Body and Top, Natural Oak Body/Nero Marquina Black Marble, Natural Oak Body/Arabescato White-Grey Marble, Natural Oak Body/Calacatta White-Grey-Beige Marble, Natural Oak Body/Verde Alpi Green Marble, Natural Oak Body/Polished Carrara White-Grey Marbl, Natural Oak Body/Natural Cararra White-Grey Marble, Medium Brown Mahogany Body and Top, Medium Brown Mahogany Body/Nero Marquina, Medium Brown Mahogany Body/Arabescato White-Grey, Medium Brown Mahogany Body/Calacatta White-Grey, Medium Brown Mahogany Body/Verde, Medium Brown Mahogany Body/Polished Carrara White, Medium Brown Mahogany Body/Natural Carara White, Medium Red Mahogany Body and Top, Medium Red Mahogany Body/Nero Marquina, Medium Red Mahogany Body/Arabescato White-Grey, Medium Red Mahogany Body/Calacatta White-Grey, Medium Red Mahogany Body/Verde Alpi Green, Medium Red Mahogany Body/Polished Carrara White, Medium Red Mahogany Body/Natural Cararra White, Ebonized Oak Body and Top, Ebonized Oak Body/Nero Marquina Black Marble, Ebonized Oak Body/Arabescato White-Grey Marble, Ebonized Oak Body/Calcatta White-Grey-Beige Marble, Ebonized Oak Body/Verde Alpi Green Marble, Ebonized Oak Body/Polished Carrara White-Grey Marb, Ebonized Oak Body/Natural Cararra White-Grey Marbl
  • Top Material: Wood Vaneer, Standard Marble, Satin Marble (NOT offered with Polished Carrara)
  • Option: No Optional Central Locking, Optional Cental Locking
  • No Optional Central Locking Option Item: Width 74.75", Height 25.5", Diameter 18"
  • Optional Cental Locking Option Item: Width 74.75", Height 25.5", Diameter 18"

Manufacturer IDs: view

2549M-C-O-O-W 2549M-C-O-O-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-O-M 2549M-C-O-O-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-O-S 2549M-C-O-O-S-2549X 2549M-C-O-MN-W 2549M-C-O-MN-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-MN-M 2549M-C-O-MN-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-MN-S 2549M-C-O-MN-S-2549X 2549M-C-O-MA-W 2549M-C-O-MA-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-MA-M 2549M-C-O-MA-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-MA-S 2549M-C-O-MA-S-2549X 2549M-C-O-MC-W 2549M-C-O-MC-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-MC-M 2549M-C-O-MC-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-MC-S 2549M-C-O-MC-S-2549X 2549M-C-O-MV-W 2549M-C-O-MV-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-MV-M 2549M-C-O-MV-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-MV-S 2549M-C-O-MV-S-2549X 2549M-C-O-GC-W 2549M-C-O-GC-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-GC-M 2549M-C-O-GC-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-GC-S 2549M-C-O-GC-S-2549X 2549M-C-O-NGC-W 2549M-C-O-NGC-W-2549X 2549M-C-O-NGC-M 2549M-C-O-NGC-M-2549X 2549M-C-O-NGC-S 2549M-C-O-NGC-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-M7-W 2549M-C-M7-M7-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-M7-M 2549M-C-M7-M7-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-M7-S 2549M-C-M7-M7-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MN-W 2549M-C-M7-MN-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MN-M 2549M-C-M7-MN-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MN-S 2549M-C-M7-MN-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MA-W 2549M-C-M7-MA-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MA-M 2549M-C-M7-MA-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MA-S 2549M-C-M7-MA-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MC-W 2549M-C-M7-MC-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MC-M 2549M-C-M7-MC-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MC-S 2549M-C-M7-MC-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MV-W 2549M-C-M7-MV-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MV-M 2549M-C-M7-MV-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-MV-S 2549M-C-M7-MV-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-GC-W 2549M-C-M7-GC-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-GC-M 2549M-C-M7-GC-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-GC-S 2549M-C-M7-GC-S-2549X 2549M-C-M7-NGC-W 2549M-C-M7-NGC-W-2549X 2549M-C-M7-NGC-M 2549M-C-M7-NGC-M-2549X 2549M-C-M7-NGC-S 2549M-C-M7-NGC-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-M9-W 2549M-C-M9-M9-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-M9-M 2549M-C-M9-M9-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-M9-S 2549M-C-M9-M9-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MN-W 2549M-C-M9-MN-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MN-M 2549M-C-M9-MN-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MN-S 2549M-C-M9-MN-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MA-W 2549M-C-M9-MA-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MA-M 2549M-C-M9-MA-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MA-S 2549M-C-M9-MA-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MC-W 2549M-C-M9-MC-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MC-M 2549M-C-M9-MC-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MC-S 2549M-C-M9-MC-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MV-W 2549M-C-M9-MV-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MV-M 2549M-C-M9-MV-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-MV-S 2549M-C-M9-MV-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-GC-W 2549M-C-M9-GC-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-GC-M 2549M-C-M9-GC-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-GC-S 2549M-C-M9-GC-S-2549X 2549M-C-M9-NGC-W 2549M-C-M9-NGC-W-2549X 2549M-C-M9-NGC-M 2549M-C-M9-NGC-M-2549X 2549M-C-M9-NGC-S 2549M-C-M9-NGC-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-E-W 2549M-C-E-E-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-E-M 2549M-C-E-E-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-E-S 2549M-C-E-E-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-MN-W 2549M-C-E-MN-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-MN-M 2549M-C-E-MN-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-MN-S 2549M-C-E-MN-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-MA-W 2549M-C-E-MA-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-MA-M 2549M-C-E-MA-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-MA-S 2549M-C-E-MA-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-MA-W 2549M-C-E-MA-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-MC-M 2549M-C-E-MC-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-MC-S 2549M-C-E-MC-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-MC-W 2549M-C-E-MC-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-MC-M 2549M-C-E-MC-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-MC-S 2549M-C-E-MC-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-GC-W 2549M-C-E-GC-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-GC-M 2549M-C-E-GC-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-GC-S 2549M-C-E-GC-S-2549X 2549M-C-E-NGC-W 2549M-C-E-NGC-W-2549X 2549M-C-E-NGC-M 2549M-C-E-NGC-M-2549X 2549M-C-E-NGC-S 2549M-C-E-NGC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-O-W 2549M-CO-O-O-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-O-M 2549M-CO-O-O-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-O-S 2549M-CO-O-O-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MN-W 2549M-CO-O-MN-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MN-M 2549M-CO-O-MN-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MN-S 2549M-CO-O-MN-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MA-W 2549M-CO-O-MA-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MA-M 2549M-CO-O-MA-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MA-S 2549M-CO-O-MA-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MC-W 2549M-CO-O-MC-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MC-M 2549M-CO-O-MC-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MC-S 2549M-CO-O-MC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MV-W 2549M-CO-O-MV-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MV-M 2549M-CO-O-MV-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-MV-S 2549M-CO-O-MV-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-GC-W 2549M-CO-O-GC-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-GC-M 2549M-CO-O-GC-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-GC-S 2549M-CO-O-GC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-O-NGC-W 2549M-CO-O-NGC-W-2549X 2549M-CO-O-NGC-M 2549M-CO-O-NGC-M-2549X 2549M-CO-O-NGC-S 2549M-CO-O-NGC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-M7-W 2549M-CO-M7-M7-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-M7-M 2549M-CO-M7-M7-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-M7-S 2549M-CO-M7-M7-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MN-W 2549M-CO-M7-MN-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MN-M 2549M-CO-M7-MN-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MN-S 2549M-CO-M7-MN-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MA-W 2549M-CO-M7-MA-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MA-M 2549M-CO-M7-MA-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MA-S 2549M-CO-M7-MA-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MC-W 2549M-CO-M7-MC-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MC-M 2549M-CO-M7-MC-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MC-S 2549M-CO-M7-MC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MV-W 2549M-CO-M7-MV-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MV-M 2549M-CO-M7-MV-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-MV-S 2549M-CO-M7-MV-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-GC-W 2549M-CO-M7-GC-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-GC-M 2549M-CO-M7-GC-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-GC-S 2549M-CO-M7-GC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-NGC-W 2549M-CO-M7-NGC-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-NGC-M 2549M-CO-M7-NGC-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M7-NGC-S 2549M-CO-M7-NGC-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M9-M9-W 2549M-CO-M9-M9-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M9-M9-M 2549M-CO-M9-M9-M-2549X 2549M-CO-M9-M9-S 2549M-CO-M9-M9-S-2549X 2549M-CO-M9-MN-W 2549M-CO-M9-MN-W-2549X 2549M-CO-M9-MN-M 2549M-CO-M9-MN-M-2549X 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California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov


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Florence Knoll Eight Drawer Credenza