Carlo Alessi

The Carlo Alessi Story

Born in Granerolo, Italy, in 1916, Carlo Alessi studied technical design at the OMAR institute in Novara. He then practiced under his father, Giovanni, at the family metal workshop in 1921 where he gained an appreciation for stainless steel. From the mid-30s until the mid-40s, he designed many popular Alessi works like the famous Bombe series (his last design).

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In the 1950s, Carlo became managing director and began working with new external designers. He was president of Alessi S.p.A until 2009, when he passed away.

Why We Love Carlo Alessi

Carlo Alessi was a forerunner when it came to providing quality stainless steel for the hospitality venue. His eye for clean, modern lines and superbly functioning dining pieces was second-to-none and took over the restaurant and hotel market with iconic coffee and tea sets and barware. Both as a leader and a designer, Carlo Alessi dedicated himself to creating beautiful, simple stainless steel kitchen and dining room accessories meant to surpass trends and continue to function properly throughout many generations.

Noteworthy Products by Carlo Alessi

The Carlo Alessi Ice Bucket is a famous piece still seen in bars, restaurants and homes all across the world.

In His Own Words

Carlo’s son, Alberto Alessi, speaks on the products Carlo introduced to the hospitality market: “On a personal level, these objects are part of my childhood memories. I always saw them used in my parents’ house.”

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Carlo Alessi