Arturo Alvarez

The Arturo Alvarez Story

In 1994, Arturo Alvarez set out to create handmade decorative lighting with an emphasis on discovering and developing propriety materials that stir the senses. Such constant exploration and study has led to the development of sophisticated materials exclusive to the Arturo Alvarez name. Twenty years later, both designer and company name are synonymous with emotional and innovative lighting.

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Alvarez’s patented materials seem to have a life of their own, adapting and morphing in to forms that invite touch and stimulate a strong emotional reaction. Living in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Alvarez is influenced by his environment, manifesting in naturalistic designs and textures. Today, the Arturo Alvarez line is comprised of contemporary pendants, chandeliers, wall lights and portable lamps.

Why We Love Arturo Alvarez

Each light fixture is made entirely by hand and treated as an exclusive and unique piece of art. This in-depth attention to detail driven by the creative mind of Arturo Alvarez humanizes each product with warm and atmospheric light. By embracing organic forms and cutting-edge technology, Arturo Alvarez continues to create original objects through constant investigation and empirical discovery.

Fun Facts About Arturo Alvarez

As of 2014, Arturo Alvarez patented SIMETECH®, a highly durable and malleable silicone-coated steel mesh that can create voluminous fixtures with different textures and light capacity. Awarded the Best of Year 2014 in the category, “Innovative Translucent Shading/Lighting Solution” by Interior Design Magazine.

Noteworthy Products From Arturo Alvarez

The Arturo Alvarez Nevo Grande Pendant sculpts a painted stainless steel mesh to form a structure that obscures and causes the light source to appear as if is shimmering like a cumulus cloud about to rain. The scintillating glow and subtle contrasts of light and shadow enhance the irregular folds, looking soft and palpable like skin.

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Arturo Alvarez