• Shown in White Fiberglass with White frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with White frame, 38-In X 90-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with Blue frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with Orange frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with Plum frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with Yellow frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with Lime Green frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with Green frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in Etched Tempered Glass with White frame

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with White frame, 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in 38-In X 60-In

  • Shown in Etched Tempered Glass

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with White frame, 38-In X 90-In

  • Shown in White Fiberglass with White frame, 38-In X 90-In


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1966 Collection 38in Rectangular Dining Table by Richard Schultz for

Was: $2,501.00 - $5,046.00
$2,125.85 - $4,289.10 + FREE SHIPPING
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Before 1962, cutting-edge style was reserved for indoor furnishings. But all that changed when Florence Knoll commissioned Richard Schultz to design what would become the 1966 Collection. This rectangular dining table is a fashion statement built to last, made of weather-resistant materials and designed to match the coordinating chairs available with or without arms. Choose between 60 and 90-inch lengths to create the perfect size outdoor dinette for your patio.

Knoll is Modern Always® because modern always works. For over 80 years, each chair, table, and desk has been conceived and constructed with a forward-thinking mentality, using the most advanced production methods and materials to create an immersive sensory experience that can last a lifetime. In doing so, the company has mastered the vital and nuanced elements behind furniture efficiency, ergonomics, and comfort while, at the same time, using recovery practices and materials that positively impact the environment.

The 1966 Collection 38in Rectangular Dining Table is available with the following:
  • Frame in a variety of outdoor powder coat finishes
  • Tabletops in porcelain enamel on steel and vertical grain teak
  • Glides are included
  • Tabletop is white porcelain enamel on steel
  • Frame is welded cast and extruded aluminum finished in weather resistant polyester powder coat
  • Stainless steel supports and connectors
  • Designed by Richard Schultz in 1966
  • Material: Weather resistant polyester powder coat.Table tops available in clear tempered glass,porcelain enamel on steel,vertical grain teak or white fiberglass
  • Frame Material: Welded sand-cast and extruded aluminum
  • Greenguard Certified (meets strict low chemical emissions standards) compliant
  • Made In Italy
  • Material Color: White Fiberglass, Clear Tempered Glass, Etched Tempered Glass, White Porcelain, Brown Porcelain, Marine Blue Porcelain, Warm Wood Porcelain, Light Bronze Porcelain, Dark Bronze Porcelain, Warm Bronze Porcelain, Teak
  • Frame Color: White, Onyx, Weatherable Silver, Chestnut, Lime Green, Yellow, Sky Blue, Blue, Orange, Plum, Green, Warm Wood, Light Bronze, Dark Bronze, Warm Bronze
  • Size: 38-In X 60-In, 38-In X 90-In
  • 38-In X 60-In Option Table: Width 38", Height 28", Depth 60"
  • 38-In X 90-In Option Table: Width 38", Height 28", Depth 90"

Manufacturer IDs: view

1966-28H-F-W-W 1966-90H-F-W-W 1966-28H-F-W-O 1966-90H-F-W-O 1966-28H-F-W-S 1966-90H-F-W-S 1966-28H-F-W-N 1966-90H-F-W-N 1966-28H-F-W-LGR 1966-90H-F-W-LGR 1966-28H-F-W-YEL 1966-90H-F-W-YEL 1966-28H-F-W-3 1966-90H-F-W-3 1966-28H-F-W-BLU 1966-90H-F-W-BLU 1966-28H-F-W-ORG 1966-90H-F-W-ORG 1966-28H-F-W-PLM 1966-90H-F-W-PLM 1966-28H-F-W-7 1966-90H-F-W-7 1966-28H-F-W-12 1966-90H-F-W-12 1966-28H-F-W-13 1966-90H-F-W-13 1966-28H-F-W-14 1966-90H-F-W-14 1966-28H-F-W-16 1966-90H-F-W-16 1966-28H-G-C-W 1966-90H-G-C-W 1966-28H-G-C-O 1966-90H-G-C-O 1966-28H-G-C-S 1966-90H-G-C-S 1966-28H-G-C-N 1966-90H-G-C-N 1966-28H-G-C-LGR 1966-90H-G-C-LGR 1966-28H-G-C-YEL 1966-90H-G-C-YEL 1966-28H-G-C-3 1966-90H-G-C-3 1966-28H-G-C-BLU 1966-90H-G-C-BLU 1966-28H-G-C-ORG 1966-90H-G-C-ORG 1966-28H-G-C-PLM 1966-90H-G-C-PLM 1966-28H-G-C-7 1966-90H-G-C-7 1966-28H-G-C-12 1966-90H-G-C-12 1966-28H-G-C-13 1966-90H-G-C-13 1966-28H-G-C-14 1966-90H-G-C-14 1966-28H-G-C-16 1966-90H-G-C-16 1966-28H-G-E-W 1966-90H-G-E-W 1966-28H-G-E-O 1966-90H-G-E-O 1966-28H-G-E-S 1966-90H-G-E-S 1966-28H-G-E-N 1966-90H-G-E-N 1966-28H-G-E-LGR 1966-90H-G-E-LGR 1966-28H-G-E-YEL 1966-90H-G-E-YEL 1966-28H-G-E-3 1966-90H-G-E-3 1966-28H-G-E-BLU 1966-90H-G-E-BLU 1966-28H-G-E-ORG 1966-90H-G-E-ORG 1966-28H-G-E-PLM 1966-90H-G-E-PLM 1966-28H-G-E-7 1966-90H-G-E-7 1966-28H-G-E-12 1966-90H-G-E-12 1966-28H-G-E-13 1966-90H-G-E-13 1966-28H-G-E-14 1966-90H-G-E-14 1966-28H-G-E-16 1966-90H-G-E-16 1966-28H-P-W-W 1966-90H-P-W-W 1966-28H-P-W-O 1966-90H-P-W-O 1966-28H-P-W-S 1966-90H-P-W-S 1966-28H-P-W-N 1966-90H-P-W-N 1966-28H-P-W-LGR 1966-90H-P-W-LGR 1966-28H-P-W-YEL 1966-90H-P-W-YEL 1966-28H-P-W-3 1966-90H-P-W-3 1966-28H-P-W-BLU 1966-90H-P-W-BLU 1966-28H-P-W-ORG 1966-90H-P-W-ORG 1966-28H-P-W-PLM 1966-90H-P-W-PLM 1966-28H-P-W-7 1966-90H-P-W-7 1966-28H-P-W-12 1966-90H-P-W-12 1966-28H-P-W-13 1966-90H-P-W-13 1966-28H-P-W-14 1966-90H-P-W-14 1966-28H-P-W-16 1966-90H-P-W-16 1966-28H-P-B-W 1966-90H-P-B-W 1966-28H-P-B-O 1966-90H-P-B-O 1966-28H-P-B-S 1966-90H-P-B-S 1966-28H-P-B-N 1966-90H-P-B-N 1966-28H-P-B-LGR 1966-90H-P-B-LGR 1966-28H-P-B-YEL 1966-90H-P-B-YEL 1966-28H-P-B-3 1966-90H-P-B-3 1966-28H-P-B-BLU 1966-90H-P-B-BLU 1966-28H-P-B-ORG 1966-90H-P-B-ORG 1966-28H-P-B-PLM 1966-90H-P-B-PLM 1966-28H-P-B-7 1966-90H-P-B-7 1966-28H-P-B-12 1966-90H-P-B-12 1966-28H-P-B-13 1966-90H-P-B-13 1966-28H-P-B-14 1966-90H-P-B-14 1966-28H-P-B-16 1966-90H-P-B-16 1966-28H-P-M-W 1966-90H-P-M-W 1966-28H-P-M-O 1966-90H-P-M-O 1966-28H-P-M-S 1966-90H-P-M-S 1966-28H-P-M-N 1966-90H-P-M-N 1966-28H-P-M-LGR 1966-90H-P-M-LGR 1966-28H-P-M-YEL 1966-90H-P-M-YEL 1966-28H-P-M-3 1966-90H-P-M-3 1966-28H-P-M-BLU 1966-90H-P-M-BLU 1966-28H-P-M-ORG 1966-90H-P-M-ORG 1966-28H-P-M-PLM 1966-90H-P-M-PLM 1966-28H-P-M-7 1966-90H-P-M-7 1966-28H-P-M-12 1966-90H-P-M-12 1966-28H-P-M-13 1966-90H-P-M-13 1966-28H-P-M-14 1966-90H-P-M-14 1966-28H-P-M-16 1966-90H-P-M-16 1966-28H-P-12-W 1966-90H-P-12-W 1966-28H-P-12-O 1966-90H-P-12-O 1966-28H-P-12-S 1966-90H-P-12-S 1966-28H-P-12-N 1966-90H-P-12-N 1966-28H-P-12-LGR 1966-90H-P-12-LGR 1966-28H-P-12-YEL 1966-90H-P-12-YEL 1966-28H-P-12-3 1966-90H-P-12-3 1966-28H-P-12-BLU 1966-90H-P-12-BLU 1966-28H-P-12-ORG 1966-90H-P-12-ORG 1966-28H-P-12-PLM 1966-90H-P-12-PLM 1966-28H-P-12-7 1966-90H-P-12-7 1966-28H-P-12-12 1966-90H-P-12-12 1966-28H-P-12-13 1966-90H-P-12-13 1966-28H-P-12-14 1966-90H-P-12-14 1966-28H-P-12-16 1966-90H-P-12-16 1966-28H-P-13-W 1966-90H-P-13-W 1966-28H-P-13-O 1966-90H-P-13-O 1966-28H-P-13-S 1966-90H-P-13-S 1966-28H-P-13-N 1966-90H-P-13-N 1966-28H-P-13-LGR 1966-90H-P-13-LGR 1966-28H-P-13-YEL 1966-90H-P-13-YEL 1966-28H-P-13-3 1966-90H-P-13-3 1966-28H-P-13-BLU 1966-90H-P-13-BLU 1966-28H-P-13-ORG 1966-90H-P-13-ORG 1966-28H-P-13-PLM 1966-90H-P-13-PLM 1966-28H-P-13-7 1966-90H-P-13-7 1966-28H-P-13-12 1966-90H-P-13-12 1966-28H-P-13-13 1966-90H-P-13-13 1966-28H-P-13-14 1966-90H-P-13-14 1966-28H-P-13-16 1966-90H-P-13-16 1966-28H-P-14-W 1966-90H-P-14-W 1966-28H-P-14-O 1966-90H-P-14-O 1966-28H-P-14-S 1966-90H-P-14-S 1966-28H-P-14-N 1966-90H-P-14-N 1966-28H-P-14-LGR 1966-90H-P-14-LGR 1966-28H-P-14-YEL 1966-90H-P-14-YEL 1966-28H-P-14-3 1966-90H-P-14-3 1966-28H-P-14-BLU 1966-90H-P-14-BLU 1966-28H-P-14-ORG 1966-90H-P-14-ORG 1966-28H-P-14-PLM 1966-90H-P-14-PLM 1966-28H-P-14-7 1966-90H-P-14-7 1966-28H-P-14-12 1966-90H-P-14-12 1966-28H-P-14-13 1966-90H-P-14-13 1966-28H-P-14-14 1966-90H-P-14-14 1966-28H-P-14-16 1966-90H-P-14-16 1966-28H-P-16-W 1966-90H-P-16-W 1966-28H-P-16-O 1966-90H-P-16-O 1966-28H-P-16-S 1966-90H-P-16-S 1966-28H-P-16-N 1966-90H-P-16-N 1966-28H-P-16-LGR 1966-90H-P-16-LGR 1966-28H-P-16-YEL 1966-90H-P-16-YEL 1966-28H-P-16-3 1966-90H-P-16-3 1966-28H-P-16-BLU 1966-90H-P-16-BLU 1966-28H-P-16-ORG 1966-90H-P-16-ORG 1966-28H-P-16-PLM 1966-90H-P-16-PLM 1966-28H-P-16-7 1966-90H-P-16-7 1966-28H-P-16-12 1966-90H-P-16-12 1966-28H-P-16-13 1966-90H-P-16-13 1966-28H-P-16-14 1966-90H-P-16-14 1966-28H-P-16-16 1966-90H-P-16-16 1966-28H-K-W 1966-90H-K-W 1966-28H-K-O 1966-90H-K-O 1966-28H-K-S 1966-90H-K-S 1966-28H-K-N 1966-90H-K-N 1966-28H-K-LGR 1966-90H-K-LGR 1966-28H-K-YEL 1966-90H-K-YEL 1966-28H-K-3 1966-90H-K-3 1966-28H-K-BLU 1966-90H-K-BLU 1966-28H-K-ORG 1966-90H-K-ORG 1966-28H-K-PLM 1966-90H-K-PLM 1966-28H-K-7 1966-90H-K-7 1966-28H-K-12 1966-90H-K-12 1966-28H-K-13 1966-90H-K-13 1966-28H-K-14 1966-90H-K-14 1966-28H-K-16 1966-90H-K-16

California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov


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1966 Collection 38in Rectangular Dining Table