Normann Copenhagen

The Normann Copenhagen Story

In 1999, Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen teamed up to create Normann Copenhagen, a brand that, in their words, would "shake up the design industry." That time came in 2002 with the release of the Norm 69 Lamp, a 69-piece pendant easily assembled at home. From that auspicious beginning, Normann Copenhagen embarked on a fantastic run of creativity that has yet to end.

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Over the years, they have accumulated a wide range of sweet, quirky and beautifully crafted home accessories, lighting and, as of 2009, high-end contemporary furniture. In all of these areas, Normann Copenhagen continually experiments by taking traditional Scandinavian design and giving it a good tweak.

Why We Love Normann Copenhagen

Norman Copenhagen designs have a refreshing purity of form punctuated by ease of use, an eye-catching (and ever-changing) color palette and understated functional innovation. And when it comes to the latter, for Norman Copenhagen the best innovation comes from collaboration. The company works with designers worldwide, and actively encourages talented newcomers to send in proposals. According to Madsen, product design hopefuls just have to keep in mind that, "For us, the important thing is that the projects we get involved in bring something new into the world of design." In other words, nothing boring, please.

A Fun Fact About Normann Copenhagen

In 2005, Normann Copenhagen opened their flagship store on a site that previously housed a water distillery, theatre, sound studio and cinema. Inspired by the historical surroundings, the store was designed to blend the old architecture with its contemporary products. The store is considered so innovative and inspiring that it's won awards, and has been featured in several magazines and guidebooks (including the Wallpaper City Guide and Louis Vuitton City Guide) as a "must-see."

Noteworthy Products From Normann Copenhagen

The line of Lumberjack Candleholders are signature Normann Copenhagen pieces. In their carefully carved wood forms they are somehow able to convey a singular sense of cheerfulness, warmth and classic elegance.

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Normann Copenhagen