Mitzi - Hudson Valley Lighting

The Mitzi Story

Mitzi is an exciting new contemporary brand from Hudson Valley Lighting, founded in 2017 by CEO David Littman in honor of his grandmother, who was a painter and master antique-finder. And, it has quickly become an artistic platform for members of Hudson Valley’s relatively young design team, allowing them to experiment with form and function in ways that augment their parent company’s well-known classic aesthetic.

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Why We Love Mitzi Lighting

Mitzi draws upon its classic roots to create unique contemporary designs. They incorporate a variety of materials such as concrete, marble, and wire in order to build pieces that harmonize form and function in a simple, accessible manner. As a result, their collection is highly adaptable, offering quality fixtures that can accommodate large and small spaces, temporary and permanent living situations, and any number of stylized settings.

Fun Facts About Mitzi

Founder David Littman often participated with his mother in what he describes as “treasure hunts” for beautiful and incredibly unique antiques. From this family tradition, he developed an appreciation for the beauty of design, a beauty that extends beyond the aesthetic and actually improves a person’s everyday life.

Noteworthy Products from Mitzi

The wirework of the Jasmine Pendant is a sight to behold. The curvaceous structure is made almost entirely of finished metal wire which envelopes a single decorative Edison bulb. This wonderfully transparent design comes alive once lit, producing a luxurious shimmer that immediately catches the eye. The Tink Table Lamp is another stunning piece that draws inspiration from the classic candle, featuring innovative metalwork with a long Edison bulb set off-centered on a thin, metal base.

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Mitzi - Hudson Valley Lighting