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Cups & Mugs

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28 Results
  • 10 Product Options
  • Graphics Mug Distortion
  • Graphics Mug Set - GWP
  • Taika Mug
  • Graphics Mug Shaped/Shifted
  • Teema Mug
    $2000 - $2500
  • Dressed Air Mug, Set of 4


  • Taika Siimes Mug
  • NERO Set of 2 Insulated Espresso Glasses
  • NERO Set of 2 Insulated Coffee Glasses
  • Kintsugi Mug
  • NERO Set of 2 Insulated Latte Macchiato Glasses
  • NERO Set of 2 Insulated Cappuccino Glasses
  • Taika Coffee/Tea Cup Set of 2
    $2100 - $4000
  • PILAR Cup Set of 4
  • Raami White Cup And Saucer
  • RO Coffee Cup with Saucer - Set of 2
  • Taika Mug - Black
  • PILAR Espresso Cup with Tray Set of 2
  • Raami White Mug
  • PILAR Tea Cups With Saucer Set of 2
  • Taika Siimes Coffee/Tea Cup
  • Caffa Travel Mug

Why We Love Cups & Mugs

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a good looking mug. A common piece of most kitchens and dining spaces, coffee mugs and tea cups serve a fundamental purpose of getting you caffeinated when you need it. However, this collection of cups and mugs offer an additional decorative element you'll especially appreciate when entertaining. Friends will enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while taking notice of your sense of modern style. For a morning cup o' joe on your own or tea time with friends and family, a new set of mugs is always welcomed.

Where Cups & Mugs Work Best

Many of us drink coffee or tea at varying times of the day, be that first thing in the morning or as an after dinner delight to accompany cake or pie. Caffeine enthusiasts will agree the cup or mug you choose to drink from is equally important as the beverage itself. Kitchens are the most likely home for cups and mugs, and you may find them present in the China cabinet where their cool patterns and popping colors can be put on display. Offices are also a familiar home for coffee mugs and espresso cups, where they are found holding the caffeine to keep you going throughout your work day.

Coffee Mugs & Tea Cups for Every Style

Similar to dinnerware, glassware and flatware, coffee mugs and tea cups have the ability of fitting in a number of interior styles. Whether your home follows traditional decorations or uses more modern fixtures of decor, you'll have no problem enjoying your next cup of coffee or tea. To appease an industrial aesthetic (typically found in modern kitchens), look to the collection of mugs by fashion experts, Diesel (made available at Lumens from Seletti). Pair mugs and tea cups with similar dinnerware and flatware from the Alessi assortment for a consistent look in your decorating. And if you love decorative accents and patterns on your dining accessories, you'll be sure to appreciate the amount of detail found in Iittala's mugs.

Choosing the Best Cups & Mugs

To create a cohesive look and feel in your entertaining landscape, opt for mugs and cups belonging to larger product families. In one fell swoop, you can refresh your entire dining experience with new cups, mugs, flatware, dinner plates and bowls. Choose colors and finishes that are able to blend in well with the existing surroundings. Complement your new cups and mugs with coffee and tea accessories including honey jars, lemon squeezers and sugar dispensers to actually tea pots and espresso makers. If you have any questions about the coffee mugs and tea cups featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Contemporary cup and mug sets make for great gifts to friends and coworkers. Look to gifts for coffee lovers to find a broader assortment of gifting ideas you can give to the caffeine enthusiasts in your life. Be sure to browse the selection of modern office desk accessories if you're in need of another decoration to complement the mug on your work surface. Finally, in the spirit of entertaining, check out the complete table decorations category for more ideas you can use to give your dining area a new personality.

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