Ai Lati Lights

The Ai Lati Story

Frederico DeMajo established Ai Lati Lights in the ‘80s, shortly after leaving the family lighting business he grew up working in on the island of Murano. His father founded DeMajo Lighting in 1947, and Frederico was the company’s longtime principal designer before striking out on his own.

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Ai Lati primarily focuses its artisanal energies on the pristine exquisiteness of blown triplex opal glass. Renowned for its silky smooth translucence, the medium provides beautifully balanced and harmoniously even illumination that offers a luminous blend of form and function.

Why We Love Ai Lati Lights

All Ai Lati lamps are created with blown and satin finished triplex opal glass, an incomparable material for the diffusion of light. Informed by a design philosophy that combines simple, timeless architectural shapes with flawlessly handcrafted shades, Ai Lati offers an elegant and extensive line of clean, contemporary fixtures that address the spectrum of lighting needs, from floor to ceiling, from the everyday to the elevated.

A Fun Fact About Ai Lati

Extending his love for glass to the home goods market, DeMajo has been creating collections of tasting glasses and glass tableware since 2001 for another of his holdings, Zafferano. Approached with the same culture of design and intrinsic understanding of glasswork that forms the basis for Ai Lati, Zafferano products are the result of DeMajo’s tireless passion and reverence for all things glass.

Noteworthy Lighting from Ai Lati

While Ai Lati is truly dedicated to an opaline aesthetic, that doesn’t mean that the company has completely forgone flirtations with color. Both the Drum Wall/Ceiling Light and Elba Wall/Ceiling Light offer the option of a colored thermoresistant polycarbonate mounting plate that casts a subtle tinted halo of light around the perimeter of the fixture.

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Ai Lati Lights