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Learn More About Sheet Sets

Why We Love Sheet Sets

Cozy and visually expressive, modern sheet sets allow you to outfit your bed in comfort with a heaping side of personality. The beauty of sheet sets is that you can choose any color, pattern or style to enhance the comfort of the bed. From cotton to flannel or even fleece, you can find a set of sheets that works to keep your body at the ideal temperature while you sleep. Bedding sheets allow you to show off a bit of your personality with different patterns throughout the year. You can coordinate with an existing palette or hide fun sheets underneath your comforter or modern duvet set.

Where Sheet Sets Work Best

Several sets of sheets are essential for every bedroom of the house. The guest rooms will need fresh sheets after each guest, so it helps to have a few sets in each bed size you own. Modern bedding also enhances the romantic air of your master bedroom, beckoning with a most attractive and comfortable set of linens. Kids' rooms absolutely benefit from numerous sets of sheets as well, allowing your little ones to express their personalities and enjoy seeing their favorite characters or designs before they go to sleep. Don't forget sheets for your sofa bed or pull-out couch so you've always got a place for a friend to crash when needed.

A Sheet Set for Every Style

No matter if you're more of a flower girl or pretty much a plaid guy, you can find modern sheet sets to suit your style preferences. From sheets featuring standard solid colors to a subtle stripe or more complex patterns, Area Bedding has you covered. Dwell Studio adds eye-catching charm to your bedroom ensembles with sheets featuring plenty of unique patterns and choices in color. From color blocking to stripes, floral and more, you can find a design that carries the theme of your space. Styles by Missoni Home range from gradient stripes to the brand's signature overprint chevron detailing, offering an attractive place to lay your head.

Choosing the Best Sheet Sets

When choosing modern bedding, and in particular, sheet sets, you must consider the level of comfort you wish to derive from these sheets. Choose a higher thread count for a softer and more luxurious sheet. Also consider whether you wish to snuggle up in cotton or satin, flannel or fleece, depending on the season. Bedding sheets come in countless colors and patterns, making it easy to find styles you love, and perhaps a little less easy narrowing down your favorites to buy only what you need. Remember to order sheets in the correct size for each bed and be sure you have enough pillowcases to make the bed. If you have any questions about the sheet sets featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like your choices in modern sheet sets, you will also love the elegant selection of duvet covers. A quilt or duvet cover helps you complete the comfort you need in the bedroom. Take a good look at your bedroom furniture to see if it's time for an upgrade too. Consider adding a new dresser for better storage, a bench to give you a place to tie your shoes, a new nightstand for added convenience or even a new bed. Modern beds come in many shapes, sizes and styles, from low profile to platform beds offering grand storage solutions.