Schonbek Lighting

The Schonbek Lighting Story

Back in 1870, Schonbek Lighting was founded by a young man named Adolf Schonbek in Bohemia. His company's specialty was crystal, especially custom crystal chandeliers. In 1947, his descendant Arnold Schonbek moved the company to Montreal, Canada, and by 1989 Schonbek Lighting was officially based in the United States. A collaboration with another crystal powerhouse, Swarovski, eventually led to the streamlining of its lighting line into the Schonbek catalogue, positioning the 150-year old company as the leader in luxury crystal lighting.

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Why We Love Schonbek Lighting

There's something magical about the crystal that Schonbek Lighting produces. It's in the laser-sharp facets cut into each crystal droplet, the clarity of the clear crystal and breathtaking blending of a veritable rainbow of colors. It's in the way the crystals grab light and break it apart into dazzling shards. And you have to appreciate the heritage. Only Schonbek can take its 150 years of experience to both revitalize lighting styles from the past and reinvent crystal to suit contemporary tastes.

A Fun Fact About Schonbek Lighting

The Trilliane chandelier was a major player in the 2010 film, "Black Swan," six of the massive pieces used to light the 60-foot wide main stage. While traditional at first glance, the chandelier's unexpected upside-down crystal pendalogues made it an ideal choice for the mind-bending film. If you look closely in movies and television shows, you're bound to spot a Schonbek chandelier..

Noteworthy Lighting From Schonbek Lighting

With its various strands, droplets and arms made of Heritage Handcut crystal, the Hamilton collection is a particularly graceful example of traditional Schonbek Lighting, given a dark twist in its black finish. And in addition to luxurious chandelier designs, you'll also find wall lights, pendant lighting, flush and semi-flushmount lights and lamps from Schonbek.

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Schonbek Lighting