• Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair

  • Front view

  • Rear view

  • Side view, Cygnus Mesh, Pneumatic adjustment

  • Aluminum Group Management Chairs

  • Cygnus Mesh, Manual adjustment, at table

  • Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair with Eames Desk Unit 20

  • Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair with Noguchi Rudder Table

  • Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair with Nelson X-Leg Table with Laminate Top

  • At the office

  • At the office

  • Specifications, Manual Seat-Height

  • Specifications, Pneumatic Seat-Height

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Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair by Charles + Ray Eames for

Was: $1,695.00 - $2,595.00
$1,440.75 - $2,205.75 + FREE SHIPPING
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  • Select Base/Frame Finish (3) : Polished Aluminum Base/Polished Aluminum Frame
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Key Features

Made In USA

Herman Miller is known for their iconic Mid Century Modern designs and ergonomic office furniture. Working with major designers, Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi and George Nelson, they created enduring pieces that are still sought after today such as the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Today, their office products and task chairs are at the forefront of innovation and ergonomic design. Herman Miller products are designed to enhance your surroundings and make your life more comfortable and meaningful. Every Herman Miller product is built with a commitment to sustainability, global warming and renewable energy.

The Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair is available with the following:
  • Designed by Charles + Ray Eames
  • Made In USA
  • Model: Manual Seat-Height Adjustment with Casters, Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment with Casters
  • Caster Selection: 2in Double Wheel Caster/Hardfloor Or Carpet/Chrome, 2in Double Wheel Casters/Carpet/Black Painted, 2-In. Hard Double Wheel Casters, Carpet, Chrome
  • Base/Frame Finish: Polished Aluminum Base/Polished Aluminum Frame, Graphite Satin Base/Graphite Satin Frame, Polished Aluminum Base/White Frame
  • Upholstery Selection: Messenger: Neon, Messenger: Azure, Messenger: Ultramarine, Messenger: Cassis, Messenger: Poppy, Messenger: Tusk, Messenger: Fennel, Messenger: Ash, Messenger: Shadow, Messenger: Onyx, 2100 Leather: Ivory, 2100 Leather: Graphite, 2100 Leather: Black
  • Manual Seat-Height Adjustment with Casters Option Item: Width 23", Height 33.75", Depth 18"
  • Manual Seat-Height Adjustment with Casters Option Seat: Height Adjustable From 17", Adjustable To 20"
  • Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment with Casters Option Item: Width 23", Height 37.4", Depth 17"
  • Pneumatic Seat-Height Adjustment with Casters Option Seat: Height 19.5"
More Information:
  • The item pictured above is featured in 2109 Black Leather with Polished Alum Base/Frame. If you are ordering as depicted, please select accordingly from the options boxes below.

Manufacturer IDs: view

EA335MDLLTI48 EA335MDLLTI41 EA335MDLLTI62 EA335MDLLTI66 EA335MDLLTI24 EA335MDLLTI78 EA335MDLLTI59 EA335MDLLTI77 EA335MDLLTI07 EA335MDLLTI29 EA335MDLL2101 EA335MDLL2111 EA335MDLL2109 EA335MDL91TI48 EA335MDL91TI41 EA335MDL91TI62 EA335MDL91TI66 EA335MDL91TI24 EA335MDL91TI78 EA335MDL91TI59 EA335MDL91TI77 EA335MDL91TI07 EA335MDL91TI29 EA335MDL912101 EA335MDL912111 EA335MDL912109 EA335MDG2G2TI48 EA335MDG2G2TI41 EA335MDG2G2TI62 EA335MDG2G2TI66 EA335MDG2G2TI24 EA335MDG2G2TI78 EA335MDG2G2TI59 EA335MDG2G2TI77 EA335MDG2G2TI07 EA335MDG2G2TI29 EA335MDG2G22101 EA335MDG2G22111 EA335MDG2G22109 EA335UDLLTI48 EA335UDLLTI41 EA335UDLLTI62 EA335UDLLTI66 EA335UDLLTI24 EA335UDLLTI78 EA335UDLLTI59 EA335UDLLTI77 EA335UDLLTI07 EA335UDLLTI29 EA335UDLL2101 EA335UDLL2111 EA335UDLL2109 EA335UDL91TI48 EA335UDL91TI41 EA335UDL91TI62 EA335UDL91TI66 EA335UDL91TI24 EA335UDL91TI78 EA335UDL91TI59 EA335UDL91TI77 EA335UDL91TI07 EA335UDL91TI29 EA335UDL912101 EA335UDL912111 EA335UDL912109 EA335UDG2G2TI48 EA335UDG2G2TI41 EA335UDG2G2TI62 EA335UDG2G2TI66 EA335UDG2G2TI24 EA335UDG2G2TI78 EA335UDG2G2TI59 EA335UDG2G2TI77 EA335UDG2G2TI07 EA335UDG2G2TI29 EA335UDG2G22101 EA335UDG2G22111 EA335UDG2G22109 EA335VDLLTI48 EA335VDLLTI41 EA335VDLLTI62 EA335VDLLTI66 EA335VDLLTI24 EA335VDLLTI78 EA335VDLLTI59 EA335VDLLTI77 EA335VDLLTI07 EA335VDLLTI29 EA335VDLL2101 EA335VDLL2111 EA335VDLL2109 EA335VDL91TI48 EA335VDL91TI41 EA335VDL91TI62 EA335VDL91TI66 EA335VDL91TI24 EA335VDL91TI78 EA335VDL91TI59 EA335VDL91TI77 EA335VDL91TI07 EA335VDL91TI29 EA335VDL912101 EA335VDL912111 EA335VDL912109 EA335VDG2G2TI48 EA335VDG2G2TI41 EA335VDG2G2TI62 EA335VDG2G2TI66 EA335VDG2G2TI24 EA335VDG2G2TI78 EA335VDG2G2TI59 EA335VDG2G2TI77 EA335VDG2G2TI07 EA335VDG2G2TI29 EA335VDG2G22101 EA335VDG2G22111 EA335VDG2G22109 EA335PMDLLTI48 EA335PMDLLTI41 EA335PMDLLTI62 EA335PMDLLTI66 EA335PMDLLTI24 EA335PMDLLTI78 EA335PMDLLTI59 EA335PMDLLTI77 EA335PMDLLTI07 EA335PMDLLTI29 EA335PMDLL2101 EA335PMDLL2111 EA335PMDLL2109 EA335PMDL91TI48 EA335PMDL91TI41 EA335PMDL91TI62 EA335PMDL91TI66 EA335PMDL91TI24 EA335PMDL91TI78 EA335PMDL91TI59 EA335PMDL91TI77 EA335PMDL91TI07 EA335PMDL91TI29 EA335PMDL912101 EA335PMDL912111 EA335PMDL912109 EA335PMDG2G2TI48 EA335PMDG2G2TI41 EA335PMDG2G2TI62 EA335PMDG2G2TI66 EA335PMDG2G2TI24 EA335PMDG2G2TI78 EA335PMDG2G2TI59 EA335PMDG2G2TI77 EA335PMDG2G2TI07 EA335PMDG2G2TI29 EA335PMDG2G22101 EA335PMDG2G22111 EA335PMDG2G22109 EA335PUDLLTI48 EA335PUDLLTI41 EA335PUDLLTI62 EA335PUDLLTI66 EA335PUDLLTI24 EA335PUDLLTI78 EA335PUDLLTI59 EA335PUDLLTI77 EA335PUDLLTI07 EA335PUDLLTI29 EA335PUDLL2101 EA335PUDLL2111 EA335PUDLL2109 EA335PUDL91TI48 EA335PUDL91TI41 EA335PUDL91TI62 EA335PUDL91TI66 EA335PUDL91TI24 EA335PUDL91TI78 EA335PUDL91TI59 EA335PUDL91TI77 EA335PUDL91TI07 EA335PUDL91TI29 EA335PUDL912101 EA335PUDL912111 EA335PUDL912109 EA335PUDG2G2TI48 EA335PUDG2G2TI41 EA335PUDG2G2TI62 EA335PUDG2G2TI66 EA335PUDG2G2TI24 EA335PUDG2G2TI78 EA335PUDG2G2TI59 EA335PUDG2G2TI77 EA335PUDG2G2TI07 EA335PUDG2G2TI29 EA335PUDG2G22101 EA335PUDG2G22111 EA335PUDG2G22109 EA335PVDLLTI48 EA335PVDLLTI41 EA335PVDLLTI62 EA335PVDLLTI66 EA335PVDLLTI24 EA335PVDLLTI78 EA335PVDLLTI59 EA335PVDLLTI77 EA335PVDLLTI07 EA335PVDLLTI29 EA335PVDLL2101 EA335PVDLL2111 EA335PVDLL2109 EA335PVDL91TI48 EA335PVDL91TI41 EA335PVDL91TI62 EA335PVDL91TI66 EA335PVDL91TI24 EA335PVDL91TI78 EA335PVDL91TI59 EA335PVDL91TI77 EA335PVDL91TI07 EA335PVDL91TI29 EA335PVDL912101 EA335PVDL912111 EA335PVDL912109 EA335PVDG2G2TI48 EA335PVDG2G2TI41 EA335PVDG2G2TI62 EA335PVDG2G2TI66 EA335PVDG2G2TI24 EA335PVDG2G2TI78 EA335PVDG2G2TI59 EA335PVDG2G2TI77 EA335PVDG2G2TI07 EA335PVDG2G2TI29 EA335PVDG2G22101 EA335PVDG2G22111 EA335PVDG2G22109

Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair Availability

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Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair