Ingo Maurer

The Ingo Maurer Story

The son of a fisherman, Ingo Maurer grew up on the island of Reichenau, Germany. He studied graphic design in Munich, leaving Germany in 1960 for the USA where he worked in New York and San Francisco as a freelance graphic designer. In 1963, he moved back to Germany and founded Design M and developed and manufactured his own lighting designs. The company became Ingo Maurer GmbH and now includes nearly 100 designers Maurer refers to as "non-conformist" artists.

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Why We Love Ingo Maurer

A bulb within a bulb? Lights in flight? With German designer Ingo Maurer, you never know what he'll think of next. Since 1966, Maurer has created more than 150 lights with the help of his design team. Indeed, lights like the Bulb and the Birdie place Ingo Maurer in a class all his own. More experimentalist than anything else, Maurer uses a bizarre mix of found objects to create these capricious contemporary lighting masterpieces and is a pioneer in repurposed and environmentally enlightened lighting designs.

Noteworthy Products from Ingo Maurer

The MaMo Nouchies is one example of Maurer's fascinating work. A collaborative experiment in paper design with the help of textile designer Dagmar Mombach, Maurer has taken paper to a new level by twisting and contorting it as a potter would clay. The result is a stunning collection that combines visual beauty with technical sophistication.

In His Own Words

"Undoubtedly, big business is behind the decision to do away with the classic light bulb... Everybody quotes data about how much electricity light bulbs consume, but nobody mentions the energy necessary for computers, toasters, hair dryers, dishwashers... This is a plot underlined by economic interest... That is why we made the installation 'How to protect ourselves from stupid regulations - or the light bulb with a condom.'"

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Ingo Maurer