The ANDLight Story

Founders Lukas Peet, Matt Davis and Caine Heintzman formed ANDlight in 2013 as part of a wave of up-and-coming Canadian lighting design studios enjoying their time to shine. Peet and Heintzman are the company’s principal designers, each bringing a rich background in industrial and lighting design to the team (and some serious accolades, too).

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Why We Love ANDLight

ANDlight gets to the heart of what makes good design great, using all the tricks in their toolkits to refine and review each design to its most effective and expressive elements. The resulting products are streamlined, thoughtful and trend-proof.

Fun Fact About ANDlight

Designer and co-founder Lukas Peet earned Canada’s inaugural Emerging Designer Award in 2015, and designed the following year’s award trophies himself.

Noteworthy Lighting from ANDlight

The Pipeline collection, including the CM2 Linear Suspension, is a modular linear pendant that can be suspended individually or in any number of customizable arrays including 90-degree elbow joints to facilitate turns. Lukas Peet’s Slab collection is not only a graphic and colorful minimalist expression; these fixtures were also designed to dampen echoes in cavernous modern spaces by absorbing sound waves in the felted wool that covers each design. Check out both options in the Slab collection, the 30 LED Pendant and the linear 210 LED Pendant.

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