• Shown in Y-Tower suspension back

  • Shown in Y-Tower suspension back

  • Shown in Y-Tower suspension back

  • Shown in Slate Grey back suspension finish, Polished Aluminum Base/ Black Y-Tower finish, Black Arm Pad finish, Twilight seat

  • Application shot

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Sayl Basic Work Chair by Yves Behar for

$545.00 - $755.00 + FREE SHIPPING
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  • Select Seat Color (4) : Berry Blue
  • Select Back Suspension Finish (3) : Slate Grey
  • Select Base/Y-Tower Finish (2) : Black Base/Black Y-Tower
  • Select Arm Pad Finish (2) : Twilight
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Key Features

Made In USA
12 Years

The Sayl Basic Work Chair designed by Yves Behar in 2010 for Herman Miller, inspired by suspension bridges brings ergonomic seating to the forefront. The SAYL Basic Work Chair includes Standard Height-Range, Tilt Limiter, Fixed Arms and Fixed Seat Depth and a 5-star base for increased stability. Additional customization options available. Give us a call for more information.

Herman Miller is known for their iconic Mid Century Modern designs and ergonomic office furniture. Working with major designers, Charles and Ray Eames, Isamu Noguchi and George Nelson, they created enduring pieces that are still sought after today such as the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Today, their office products and task chairs are at the forefront of innovation and ergonomic design. Herman Miller products are designed to enhance your surroundings and make your life more comfortable and meaningful. Every Herman Miller product is built with a commitment to sustainability, global warming and renewable energy.

The Sayl Basic Work Chair is available with the following:
  • Chair swivels 360 degrees
  • Fixed arms are removable without special tools
  • Fixed Seat Depth option is fixed/unmovable at 16" deep
  • Y-Tower/Base, back suspension, arm pad finish, and upholstered seating available in a range of colors
  • 5-star base with caster options
  • Support is molded directly into the seat back structure
  • Inspired by the principles of suspension bridges (and specifically the Golden Gate Bridge, located near B?har's fuseproject in San Francisco)
  • Boasts a frameless back with Y-Tower support structure
  • Seat encourages a full range of movement
  • Tactile controls are intuitive and adjust easily to the user
  • 92% recyclable and US-made, using 100% green technology
  • Ships Knocked Down, no tools required for assembly
  • Designed by Yves Behar in 2010
  • Greenguard Certified (meets strict low chemical emissions standards) compliant
  • Warranty: 12 Years
  • Made In USA
  • Seat Color: Berry Blue, Twilight, Black, Carbon/Charcoal
  • Back Suspension Finish: Slate Grey, Studio White, Black
  • Base/Y-Tower Finish: Black Base/Black Y-Tower, Polished Aluminum Base/Black Y-Tower
  • Arm Pad Finish: Twilight, Black
  • Caster Option: 2.5 In. Caster/Black Yoke/Hardfloors & Carpet, 2.5 In. Hard Caster/Black Yoke/Carpet
  • Base: Diameter 19.75"
  • Item: Width 24.5", Height Adjustable From 34.25", Adjustable To 38.75"
  • Seat: Height Adjustable From 15.5", Adjustable To 20", Depth 16"

Manufacturer IDs: view

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Sayl Basic Work Chair Availability

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Sayl Basic Work Chair