Yamagiwa Lighting

The Yamagiwa Story

After being established in 1923, Yamagiwa Lighting has grown into a popular brand in Japan for its modern, progressive designs as well as its service. Yamagiwa has become synonymous with high-end lighting products and has earned its reputation as a company that creates products that meld high-functionality with elevated craftsmanship.

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Why We Love Yamagiwa Lighting

Beside the aspect of creating light fixtures that are visually appealing, Yamagiwa’s products are known for highlighting their place of application and are capable of delivering an air of elevated elegance to interior living spaces. Yamagiwa sports an aesthetic in all of its products that emphasize the functions of its immediate area and bring them together in a harmonious way.

A Fun Fact About Yamagiwa

The recent Mayuhana collection from Yamagiwa highlights reflects designer Toyo Ito’s nod to Japanese culture. The black versions of the pieces in the collection refer to the Japanese Kanji character “MA”, which means ‘true’ or ‘genuine’, resulting in the creation of a darker, more profound colored lamp. The black variants of the lamps also embody the tonal qualities of “SUMI”, which refers to Japanese calligraphy ink.

Noteworthy Products From Yamagiwa

In addition to the Mayuhana collection, Yamagiwa also boasts the Tear Drop Table Lamp. The fixture takes its namesake from the physical manifestation of sadness yet creates its own triumphant arch with its sleek, streamlined glass and aluminum form factor and brilliant halogen lamp. Ideal for placement in contemporary living areas.

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Yamagiwa Lighting