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Marimba LED Pendant By Modern Forms Decorative LED Lighting

Warm Up to LED

While being hailed as a cool new technology, early LED lights gained a reputation for being "cool" in another way: The first LEDs appeared bluish and harsh when compared to the warm light from incandescent lamps. But newer LED technologies have not only turned up their color temperatures; they've turned up versatility, too, with adjustable color ranges and even full-spectrum color-changing capabilities. Modern LEDs can appear as inviting as candlelight, then brighten to brilliant task lighting at the touch of a fingertip.

Learn About Kelvin Color Temperatures

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Curl Table Lamp

Curl Table Lamp

Feeding the modern craving for total customization and control, the Curl Table Lamp by Luceplan offers coherent choices with intuitive controls. A full-range dimmer is operable by holding a finger to the metal base, while the color temperature can be adjusted by twisting the diffuser. With a range from 2400 K to 3500 K, Curl can brighten a bedroom or sitting area with the warmth of a candle, then turn up for attractive illumination that’s functional enough to read by.


Prop Light Suspension

Prop Light Suspension

Starkly contemporary pieces gain an element of approachable warmth when paired with thoughtful engineering. The Moooi Prop Light Suspension exemplifies this principle with its ultra-modern silhouette, made comfortably playful by specially developed optic lenses over the LEDs. These textured conical diffusers disperse the warm white light for less glare and a charming modern-bulb look whether the fixture is on or off.


Lolli dwelLED Pendant

Lolli dweLED Pendant

Upping the coziness quotient, the WAC Lighting Lolli dweLED Pendant emulates the inviting warmth of a traditional incandescent glass pendant. As the light plays off the textured glass, it creates sparkling refractions on walls and surfaces. A warm white LED array in the crescent-shaped housing shines at 2700 K, reinforcing the look of sunlight on water. And feel free to make a statement with multiple pieces: WAC Lighting meticulously chooses their LEDs from the same lots, and carefully color matches during production to ensure color temperature is consistent across matching fixtures.


Cube LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

Cube LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp

Beyond the basic incandescent range of color temperature, LEDs can traverse the entire spectrum with dazzling results. Cutting-edge fixtures like the Smart & Green Cube LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp combine just about every new feature into one dynamic little light. Stackable and waterproof, Cube’s versatility is showcased in its wireless, rechargeable power source, which powers 35 LEDs inside for a staggering range of effects. Display one of seven static colors or pure white light at varying intensities, or use the color-change mode to cycle through 160,000 colors. There’s even a flickering candle effect, all controlled with a handheld remote. Getting warmed up to LED technology just got pretty cool.