Vers Audio

The Vers Audio Story

Young David Laituri bought his first radio, a 1945 Admiral tube radio with a wood cabinet, when he was only 12 years old. Years later in 2007, radio still in tow, Laituri founded Vers Audio to provide the world of compact sound systems and accessories with the same built-in longevity and quality.

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By adding thoughtful design, best-in-class sound quality and a continuous pursuit of environmental sustainability, Laituri felt he could provide something lasting and valuable which disposable plastic models couldn't.

Why We Love Vers Audio

Extremely handsome products made from cherry, walnut or bamboo, Vers Audio accessories are the grown-up versions of their plastic counterparts. Their earphones feature 9 mm thick MDF (a material preferred by most high-end speaker manufacturers), which is more than 4 times as thick as the walls in a plastic sound system and makes the sound quality a lot more accurate. And since Vers only uses metal screws (instead of glue or plastic), sustainable wood and recycled and recyclable packaging, there's a very small impact on the earth.

Fun Facts About Vers Audio

For every tree Vers Audio uses in production they plant 100 more through the Arbor Day Foundation. Way to go, Vers!

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Vers Audio