The Ushio Story

Ushio started in 1967 as the American branch of Japanese-based Ushio Inc., established in 1964 in Tokyo to provide light bulbs, systems and units for a broad range of both residential and commercial applications. Today the United States branch of Ushio is located in Cypress, California.

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Why We Love Ushio Lamps

Carrying over 3500 general and specialty lighting products, Ushio illuminates everything from contemporary kitchens and galleries to grand theaters and corporate offices. Even photographic needs are met by Ushio bulbs. And Ushio's focus on eco-friendly energy has spanned into a concerted effort to provide a vast range of energy efficient light bulbs for the public market. Their annual sustainability report keeps them accountable and on track to achieve their Environmental Vision goals by year 2020. These goals include creating a low-carbon society, conserving resources and preserving biodiversity.

Fun Facts About Ushio

Ushio donated Synergie LED MR-16 lamps to the University of Louisiana-Lafayette for their 2010 entry in the Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the Department of Energy. The contest focused on creating a cost-effective and well-designed solar-powered house, and the university took first place in two categories.

Noteworthy Products from Ushio

The MR16 Eurostar EXZ/FG 50 Watt Lamp is an excellent option for use with track and monorail systems for kitchens and galleries. Its special titanium oxide coating gives the light an even consistency while the body is shaped for concentrated illumination.

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