• Torsion Ceiling Fan


  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Shown in Dark Bronze finish with Mahogany blade finish, 62 inch, LED

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Shown in Dark Bronze finish with Mahogany blade finish, 62 inch, No Light

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Shown in Bright Nickel finish with Maple blade finish, 62 inch, No Light

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Fan Speed Control Only 001

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Three Wire Fan and Light Control 002

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Handheld Remote Control 003

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Fan Speed and Light Control 004

  • Torsion Ceiling Fan

    Wall Control with Remote Handset 005


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Torsion Ceiling Fan

by Dave Ellis for Modern Fan Company
In Stock
$405.00 - $530.00 + FREE SHIPPING
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Trade Members: Apply or Sign In for Exclusive Access and Pricing
In Stock


  • Select Fan Blade Finish (7) : Nickel
  • Select Fan Body Finish (3) : Dark Bronze
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In Stock
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Questions about the Torsion Ceiling Fan?

Our 100% US-based ALA-certified product specialists can help you find the perfect product.

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Questions about the Torsion Ceiling Fan?

Our 100% US-based ALA-certified product specialists can help you find the perfect product.

(877) 445-4486
| Live Chat
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Key Features

OK For Outdoor Use
Sloped Ceiling Adaptable
Limited Lifetime

Crank it up with the Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan. Sporting a uniquely light-industrial design, this ceiling fan's blades split as they join its body, almost as if they're huge wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt. Top it off with a large selection of finish and control options.

In 1997, The Modern Fan Company was founded by Ron Rezek to produce ceiling fans that provide superior air circulation, comfort and energy efficiency for contemporary-minded homeowners and design professionals. Having originated the contemporary ceiling fan genre, The Modern Fan Company remains the only company of its kind, committed exclusively to modern ceiling fan design.

Key Features

OK For Outdoor Use
Sloped Ceiling Adaptable
Limited Lifetime

Crank it up with the Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan. Sporting a uniquely light-industrial design, this ceiling fan's blades split as they join its body, almost as if they're huge wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt. Top it off with a large selection of finish and control options.

In 1997, The Modern Fan Company was founded by Ron Rezek to produce ceiling fans that provide superior air circulation, comfort and energy efficiency for contemporary-minded homeowners and design professionals. Having originated the contemporary ceiling fan genre, The Modern Fan Company remains the only company of its kind, committed exclusively to modern ceiling fan design.

  • OK for Outdoor Use
  • Lighting Style: Downlight
  • Light kit has a 45,000-hour lifespan
  • Only 17" downrods sold with 62" fan
  • Fan Electricity Use (at high speed): 72 Watts (excludes lights)
  • Designed by Dave Ellis
  • Material: Die Cast Aluminum, Stamped Steel, and Plywood Blades
  • Sloped Ceiling Adaptable: Yes
  • Canopy Shape: Round
  • Installation Type: Standard/With Downrod
  • Control Type: Handheld, Wall
  • Number of Fan Speeds Forward/Reverse: 3 or 4
  • Motor Type: AC
  • Motor Size: 172 x 20 mm
  • Includes One 17.00 in., or One 17.00 in., One 17.00 in. stem/downrods
  • Location Rating: ETL Listed Damp
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Made In Taiwan
  • Fan Blade Finish: Black, Mahogany, White, Maple, Nickel, Graywash, Whitewash
  • Fan Body Finish: Bright Nickel, Gloss White, Dark Bronze
  • Fan Blade Span (inches): 52, 62
  • Control Option: Handheld Remote Control 003, Three Wire Fan and Light Control 002, Fan Speed and Light Control 004, Fan Speed Control Only 001, Wall Control with Remote Handset 005
  • Light Option: No Light, LED, Hi Output LED

    Blade: Diameter 52", 62"
    Canopy: Diameter 5.5"
    Fixture: Hanging Length Adjustable From 13.2", Adjustable To 24.2", Weight 15Lbs
    Motor: Height 5.6", Diameter 6.9"

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TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-WH-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-NK-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MG-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-BK-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-003 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-BK-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-WH-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-MP-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-MG-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-MG-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-BK-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-NK-NL-004 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TOR-GW-52-MG-271-004 TOR-GW-52-MG-271-003 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-002 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-005 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-004 TOR-DB-62-MP-271-003 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-002 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-005 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-004 TOR-DB-52-MP-271-003 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-002 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-005 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-004 TOR-BN-62-MP-271-003 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-002 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-005 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-004 TOR-BN-52-MP-271-003 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-002 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-005 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-004 TOR-GW-62-MP-271-003 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-002 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-005 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-004 TOR-GW-52-MP-271-003 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-002 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-002 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-005 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-005 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-004 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-004 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-GY-272-003 TOR-DB-62-GY-271-003 TOR-DB-62-GY-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-002 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-002 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-005 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-005 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-GY-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-GY-272-004 TOR-DB-52-GY-271-004 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TOR-BN-52-MG-272-004 TOR-BN-52-MG-272-003 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-002 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-002 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-004 TOR-GW-62-MG-272-003 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-002 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-005 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-004 TOR-GW-52-MG-272-003 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-002 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-002 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-002 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-005 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-005 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-005 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-001 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-004 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-004 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-004 TOR-DB-62-WW-272-003 TOR-DB-62-WW-271-003 TOR-DB-62-WW-NL-003 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-002 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-002 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-002 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-005 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-005 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-005 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-001 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-004 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-004 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-004 TOR-DB-52-WW-272-003 TOR-DB-52-WW-271-003 TOR-DB-52-WW-NL-003 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-002 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-002 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-002 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-005 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-005 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-005 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-001 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-004 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-004 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-004 TOR-BN-62-WW-272-003 TOR-BN-62-WW-271-003 TOR-BN-62-WW-NL-003 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-002 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-002 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-002 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-005 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-005 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-005 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-001 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-004 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-004 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-004 TOR-BN-52-WW-272-003 TOR-BN-52-WW-271-003 TOR-BN-52-WW-NL-003 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-002 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-002 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-002 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-005 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-005 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-005 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-001 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-004 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-004 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-004 TOR-GW-62-WW-272-003 TOR-GW-62-WW-271-003 TOR-GW-62-WW-NL-003 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-002 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-002 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-002 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-005 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-005 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-005 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-001 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-004 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-004 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-004 TOR-GW-52-WW-272-003 TOR-GW-52-WW-271-003 TOR-GW-52-WW-NL-003 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-002 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-005 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-004 TOR-DB-62-MP-272-003 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-002 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-005 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-004 TOR-DB-52-MP-272-003 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California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

Warning: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

Avertissment: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

Advertencia: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Torsion Ceiling Fan Availability

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Torsion Ceiling Fan Reviews

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Torsion Ceiling Fan is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 109.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very cool fan Beautiful fan, I thought the blades were kinda cheap. Some composite wood. But once up in place they look fine. We had a 17’ ceiling and ordered a 5’ down rod. However the electrical wiring was too short. We decided to shorten the down rod to 4’. Call and check in before ordering a 5’ rod.
Date published: 2022-11-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great fan Installed in our living room and looks nice. Its modern looking and works well.
Date published: 2022-08-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Silent and Powerful This is the 2nd Torsion ceiling fan I’ve purchased. First one in our small living room is about 5 years old and so nice. This one is over our dining table with the disable LED light it is just what we needed. This fan has 3 speeds and is very quiet, much appreciated in such small rooms.
Date published: 2022-07-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Finally! A great modern Fan at a good price As an interior designer I tend to lean toward the contemporary look and this fan gave me the freedom to personalize that taste by combining the weathered grey blades with the brass (looks like black) center. This fan is nearly silent! I can only hear it when we don't move and just listen. (3rd fan attempt because the first two failed at the silent part) My only regret is not going bigger. We have 12-foot ceilings in a larger room and I chickened out and got the 52" (50"-65" recommend for our room size) and I wish I had bought the 62". but the 12" down-rod is amazing and even our electrician said he has never seen a fan so smooth on a down-rod that long. The three blades put out a great amount of air! I was sent the wrong color blades at first but Ylighting customer services was fast and easy to get the right blades sent. The price is perfect for this fan. Looks higher-end and modern. We did not purchase the light. I do not think the light is fitting for the modern look.
Date published: 2022-05-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Modern Fan Company - Torsion Ceiling Fan I purchased the fan in January. It's a beautifully designed fan.
Date published: 2022-02-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing customer service by Modern Fan Company I bought 2 Torsion ceiling fans in 2017. Not only are they beautiful, but they have performed flawlessly. A minor hiccup is that the LED light PCB's on both have failed after 5 years. I called Modern Fan today, spoke immediately with someone who could help me and the new parts are being shipped to me under warranty. Doesn't get any better than that.
Date published: 2022-02-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great fan and great support from Modern Fan It's the perfect cross between modern and industrial - looks great and works well. We ordered this fan and it sat in our garage for a long time before it was installed. When finally installed, we discovered that the fan didn't spin. We called Modern Fan expecting to hear there was nothing they could do - but they replaced the fan entirely and sent us a shipping label to return the defective fan. That was the nicest surprise we've had in a long time...
Date published: 2022-01-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great fan Bought this for my parents' covered porch. It looks great. We haven't used it much since it's wintertime but expecting great things. Appreciate the customer service we got from Lumens as well
Date published: 2022-01-19
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