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Torchiere Floor Lamps

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46 Results
  • Athena LED Floor Lamp
  • Leipzig LED Torchiere
  • U.H.O. LED Floor Lamp
  • Cadmo LED Floor Lamp
    $2,67000 - $2,88500
  • Nina Floor Torchiere
  • Mimesi LED Floor Lamp
  • Toio Floor Torchiere
  • Bianca Shelf Floor Lamp
  • Ovo Floor Lamp
  • Hugo Floor Lamp
  • Drink LED Floor Lamp


  • Beckham Classic Floor Lamp
  • George's Reading Room 2 Light Torchiere Task Floor Lamp
  • Fiona Torchiere
  • Icons Floor Lamp
    $1,40600 - $1,55000
  • Task 2 Light LED Floor Lamp
  • Figaro Floor Lamp


  • Logan Floor Lamp
  • Taper Torchiere Floor Lamp
  • Delta Task Floor Lamp
  • Elizabeth Floor Lamp
  • Stacking B Floor Lamp
  • Farnsworth Floor Lamp
  • Yang LED Uplight Floor Lamp

Why We Love Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere floor lamps and uplight lamps add a unique dimension to spaces that normal ceiling lights and wall lights simply aren't able to do. The height and portability of this style of floor lamp gives them a unique personality and allows them to become more than a light fixture; like a piece of furniture, they are a presence in the overall design scheme. They provide overall lighting, but uplight floor lamps also have the ability to brighten darker corners or create bursts of up-light along an extended wall.

Where Uplight Floor Lamps & Torch Lamps Work Best

Torchiere lamps produce a noticeable amount of uplighting and can be placed in dim areas where a wash of light on the ceiling or wall is desired. Consider placing several torchiere lamps along an extended wall or at columns to create a strong dramatic effect against neighboring surfaces. You can also light up a living room or entryway area with these well-placed floor lamps, and they will work well with existing illumination from ceiling lights and wall lights. Many of these types of floor lamps work well as reading lamps too, so there's an element of adjustability that is especially great for near the recliner when reading late at night. In living rooms and bedrooms, a torch floor lamps is a go-to choice and they work in almost any home style.

A Torchiere Lamp for Every Style

This assortment of floor lamps primarily plays a functional role in lighting, however, torchiere lights can offer dramatic effects in the rooms of your home. In traditionally styled spaces, uplights and torchieres present ambient light used to make dim spaces a little brighter. Look to the selection from Robert Abbey or Visual Comfort for floor lamps that fit a transitional area and if you prefer a torch floor lamp with a slim profile, be sure to check out Pablo Lighting. Contemporary torchieres, like those from Artemide, are guaranteed to add a sense of modern appeal to any area. And if you love the benefits of energy efficiency in your home, be sure to check out the selection of LED torchiere floor lamps.

How to Choose the Best Torchiere Floor Light

A torchiere or uplight floor lamp can be used for strictly functional purposes, to elegantly decorate a room or a combination of both. Before choosing a torch lamp, you will need to determine if you need a fixture for decorative reasons or to simply provide ambient light. Then, you should determine where the floor lamp will be placed so you can properly review a fixture's sizing options to know if it is a good fit for your space. Keep in mind dimensions like height and width to gauge if the lamp will appropriately fit in the room. Finally, check out the lamp's required bulb type so you can be prepared with the right light bulb once it arrives. If you have any questions about the torchiere and uplight lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Break down this category and find just what you need by checking out floor reading lamps and torchieres with reading lights. While these styles of floor lighting are aimed to help you catch up on your new favorite book, you'll also find they add impeccable style to living rooms, bedrooms and offices. And if an uplight floor lamp doesn't do the trick, be sure to see the selection of available wall uplights to create a similar lighting effect on your walls.

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