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Lighting a Hotel Suite

From layering to zoning, these expert hotel lighting tips can transform a basic en suite into a getaway unto itself.

When designing en suite-style rooms, lighting can present itself as a tricky obstacle. Without the distinction of separate spaces, the adjoining bathroom-bedroom configuration requires special lighting design considerations. With the right selection of layered lighting, an en-suite hotel room becomes the relaxing sanctuary it’s meant to be.

Layers of Light

A thoughtful layering of light will create the right mood for guests. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula when designing hotel bedroom and bathroom lighting, two important factors to consider are the purpose of the light and time of day.

At first, consider how floor uplights, skirting-level marker lights, wall lights, pendants and downlights can work together to create the appropriate intended mood of the space. From there, you can get more specific. Lighting is unique in that it can create a luxurious initial impression, but also show its intentionality; for example, a small, directional LED beam that becomes a personal reading light for an intimate space.

Cohesive Lighting Collection

While mixing and matching can be a good design decision for some applications, aesthetic cohesion is the most common way to go in hotel bedroom and bathroom lighting design. A family of luminaires is a simple solution here, since each member of the family is designed with its counterparts in mind.

The finish of the chosen lights is also an important factor. For a clean, contemporary scheme, polished chrome or matte nickel fixtures are a classic complement, while contrasting matte black, gold or copper can create a subtle sense of luxury. Selecting wall, floor and table lights that connect both in design and finish will create a holistic, coordinated and consistent feel to the lighting design.

Lighting Zones

One of the primary considerations in creating an effective lighting scheme is to pay special attention to the light’s purpose. While some areas, like entries and hallways, should be well-lit with bright, general overhead lighting, other areas require activity-specific lighting.

For hotel desks, a desk lamp is a common-sense option, while dimmable reading lamps or adjustable wall sconces are bedside favorites. For the best hotel bathroom lighting, a layered combination of ambient, task and accent lighting fixtures should be incorporated.

Lighting Controls

Lighting functionality in hotel suites is greatly improved with the addition of dimmers. With the correct pairing, an en suite can change moods with the simple slide or turn of a finger.

Consider these two factors when incorporating dimmers into your hotel bedroom and bathroom lighting design: light source and dimming mechanism. Standard, or rotary, dimmers were designed for incandescent fixtures, and Electronic Low-Voltage (ELV) dimmers were developed to be compatible for LED designs with electronic drivers. Compatibility depends on the type of driver, but there should be no trouble finding a dimmer to work in any space, whether retrofitting an existing project or starting from scratch in a new build.

Hotel Bathroom Lighting

Hotel bathroom lighting should be bright, clean and refreshing. Lighted mirrors, sleek bath bars and even bathroom chandeliers are excellent ways to create practical yet flattering lighting in bathroom spaces. Lighted mirrors minimize shadows on the face while creating sufficient illumination to complete morning routines, and a sleek bath bar with lower-level lighting can provide the soothing environment needed to wind down after a tiresome day. A unique bathroom chandelier can create an unexpected pop of creativity in a room that is often low on the list of lighting priorities.

From illuminating task lighting in the bathroom to the perfect bedside wall sconce, smart lighting designs for hospitality are the key to ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. With the right hotel en suite lighting considerations, guests are immersed in the style of your making.