Tivoli Audio

The Tivoli Audio Story

Tivoli Audio was founded by Tom DeVesto and Henry Kloss in 2000 in Boston, MA. Kloss was by then an icon of audio engineering and design, while DeVesto brought the experience of management positions at Advent Corporation and Kloss Video and as the co-founder of Cambridge Sound Works.

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DeVesto's goal was to create beautifully designed, simple-to-use and high-quality audio products to consumers. Since then, Tivoli Audio has expanded from high-end radios to include radio accessories, hi-fi systems, iPod players, etc., and has established an affiliate in the UK.

Why We Love Tivoli Audio Radios

Tivoli radios pair impressive sound quality and performance with a fun, retro-inspired design. They feature the latest transistor technology and are designed to accommodate a variety of devices, including head phones, cd players and iPods. And the exterior detailing makes these table and portable radios quite simply a pleasure to use, whether you're an audio aficionado or casual listener. All Tivoli Audio products are made in the US, in the Tivoli Audio factory.

A Fun Fact About Tivoli Audio

Before he passed away in 2002, Henry Kloss designed many of the radios that still provide the foundation of Tivoli Audio's catalog. Kloss also achieved many other firsts in audio engineering and design. In 1954, he collaborated with Edgar Villchur in the design of the first commercial acoustic suspension loudspeaker. As the founder of Advent Corp., Kloss oversaw the release of the first high fidelity cassette deck in 1971 and the first large screen projection television for home use in 1972.

Noteworthy Products From Tivoli Audio

The Model One Radio is a table radio designed by Henry Kloss. It creates a sound that has been termed "a Bose killer." The handmade wood cabinet and face details provide retro styling that blends in with a variety of interiors. Various jacks and inputs accommodate a variety of accessories.

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Tivoli Audio