Women in Design

Lumens is celebrating Women in Design who’ve inspired generations of women to take their place in the largely male-dominated fields of architecture and design. 

Read on to learn more about the Pioneers who’ve founded movements and design innovations, the Disruptors of the status quo and the Trendsetters leading the way. 


Often breaking ground in more ways than one, these pioneering women led the way for entire artistic eras and movements, introduced new techniques and innovated the business of design.


Strongly influenced by the work of Le Corbusier (whom she began assisting at the age of 24), Perriand’s work took a minimalist, highly functional approach to interior spaces. Followers of the French architect say that her lighting designs were not conceived by the mind of a designer, but by the mind of an architect—that Perriand thrived in designing and scaling fixtures for the individual spaces for which they’d been created.

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When the industry needed a new direction, these disruptors shook the tree. From radical new design principles to introducing Free-Trade sourcing, these women turned the old guard on its ear and the design world is now a better place for it.



From established names to emerging designers, these visionary women are pushing the global design discussion forward while setting the tone for what is trending now.


Jette Scheib

Jette Scheib studied product design at the University of the Arts in Berlin, before founding her own studio in 2005. Driven by curiosity and the desire to create something that “adds a new context or dimension to a functional object,” Scheib describes her designs process as “inspired by nature and organic shapes, but also by people and everyday life.”

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Justina Blakeney

Justina’s signature design aesthetic of organic textures, pops of color and endless houseplants has launched a modern design movement dubbed “Jungalow” (named after her Los Angeles bungalow filled with plants to a jungle-like state.) Justina Blakeney x Loloi is a collaboration that lives the California Modern lifestyle to the fullest.

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Photo by ©Sarah Makharine

Petite Friture Goes Big

A Conversation with Amelie du Passage

Established in 2009 with the intent to make good things happen, Petite Friture’s founder shares her original and enduring approach to design, collaboration and inspiration.

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Photo by Jara Varela

Nina Masó of Santa & Cole

A 2019 interview with the late Santa & Cole co-founder on her design philosophies, the editing process and the future of her forward-thinking company.

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Melding Technology with Traditional Crafts and Building a Design Business in South Africa

Thabisa Mjo

As owner and designer of Mash.T, a premier South African design studio, Thabisa Mjo has a different origin story than many new designers.

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Photo Courtesy of WantedDesign

From Leaf to Light:

Rosie Li Studio

While paper—preferably the weight of cardstock— remain Li’s dream medium, her Brooklyn-based studio most often works with the traditional materials of stone, brass and glass to create lighting fixtures that seamlessly adapt to and illuminate the interiors in which they’re hung.

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Lighting as Exquisite as Jewels

Nina Magon for Studio M

Revolutionizing the way rugs were made was only the beginning—Nani Marquina’s sustainable, socially responsible, craftsmen-driven design paradigm is setting the bar for the next generation.

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Photo by ©Martin Chum

Bohemian Rhapsody in Glass

Lucie Koldova

An interview with the creative director of Czech glass studio Brokis, whose elegant problem-solving, production methods and aesthetic define a movement in modern glassmaking.

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