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Outdoor Stair Lighting Ideas

The top priorities when choosing step-lighting for outdoor stairs are safety and weather resistance…
Lit pathway to front door.

Safety and visibility are the top priorities when choosing outdoor step-lighting for decks, steps and wall lighting next to stairways. Another important factor for outdoor step lights is weather resistance. The step lights need to be wet-rated and safe to use in all ranges of temperatures that occur in the region. Learn how to select the step-lights that are right for your application in the following ideas and advice.

Start with a Warm Welcome

Nuvi Landscape Step Light illuminating outdoor steps.
Nuvi Landscape Step Light by Hinkley Lighting  

When building wooden or concrete outdoor stairs, consider adding recessed step lights that will illuminate the step for safety and style. Each light can be installed in the riser of the step so that light is thrown from the center of the step toward the edges. 

For an easy upgrade to open outdoor stairs, add lights to the supports beneath the steps so that a warm glow is emitted between each one. Make sure the lights are wet-rated so they won’t be damaged by precipitation and try to echo the temperature of light given off by other outdoor fixtures. 

Illuminate the Entire Path 

Harbor Path Lights flanking outdoor stairs.
Harbor Path Light by Hinkley Lighting 

Another great way to illuminate outdoor stairs is by installing path lights around the steps. Choose ones that are solar-powered and have a design that won’t allow water to accumulate. A classic lantern design with a square pyramidal roof is a good choice. 

Take the Sleek and Modern Approach 

Vitra Horizontal LED Step Light providing light for entryway stairs.
Vitra Horizontal LED Step Light by Generation Lighting

For concrete steps leading up to a porch, inlay LED recessed lights for a sleek and modern aesthetic. Place multiple fixtures on each riser to ensure adequate illumination for safety. Square or rectangular fixtures complement a modern style. 

Ensure Safety for Your Guests

LEDme LED100 Step and Deck Light lighting a courtyard.
LEDme LED100 Step and Deck Light by WAC Lighting

Recessed LED lights are a great choice for outdoor stairs that wrap around a large patio. Placed on each riser at regular intervals, recessed lights will provide focused light for safer steps and a warm ambient illumination for intimate gatherings on the patio. 

Adding lights to outdoor stairs not only makes them safer, but they can also add a touch of style and inviting warmth to the space. Choose lights that are wet-rated to withstand exposure to the elements and in a style that complements the surroundings. Whether recessed lights installed in the stairs themselves or lanterns placed at intervals along the walkway, outdoor stair lights are always a great choice. 

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