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Now Sourcing: Modern Retreat 

From a luxe ski lodge to a high desert resort, take a closer look at the pieces we love and how to …

A well-designed retreat invites contemplation, collaboration and relaxation in equal measure. So when we set out to define the meaning of Modern Retreat for our winter campaign, we sought out places and products that created a harmonious balance between the setting, inspiring designs, soothing textures, and comfort.

From a luxe ski lodge to a high desert resort, take a closer look at the products we sourced and how we styled them for our winter campaign.   

Luxe Ski Lodge  

Whether ungroomed glades or a day by the fire beckons, après ski retreats are beloved for their juxtaposition of quiet comfort and dramatic natural backdrops. The best ones draw guests in with a fusion of warmth and nature, while embracing and amplifying the low natural light of winter.  

Spotlight On: Custom Mobius Two-Tier Chandelier by Hubbardton Forge 

Here, light takes center stage in the form of the dramatic Mobius chandelier by Hubbardton Forge. Inspired by a bouquet of flowers, the multilayered chandelier provides an artistic focal point while illuminating the central seating area. With curled paper shades concealing each bulb, the Mobius provides ample light, adding a cozy, glowy effect to the lodge. We worked with Hubbardton Forge to create a custom version of this chandelier with two tiers—custom orders like this are available to A+D professionals through Lumens Trade Advantage.  

Scenic Seating 

Directly beneath, several alcoves seamlessly divide the towering room into more intimate seating areas. At the central fireplace, a pair of Flemming Lassen’s Tired Man Sheepskin Lounge chairs encourage relaxation. Fusing a classic wingback shape with plush upholstery, the seats add contrast to the room’s simple stone chimney and wooden beams. Similarly, an offset pair of Hans Wegner’s CH07 Shell Chairs with a cowhide finish create a comfortable yet modern nook in tandem with a Cleon Sofa by Bludot, which adds an additional pop of mid-century charm.  

Matching Accents 

To illuminate the lodge while maintaining its snug energy, the Nauta Table Lamp and the matching Nauta Floor Lamp by Cerno provide a downcast glow. Their low-profile silhouettes and wood construction elegantly unify the natural elements in the space. Two powder-coated wire Gazelle Trophy Heads by Bend Goods flank the sidewalls to provide a modern update on the old lodge staple.  

Set in Stone 

The Plinth Bridge and Coffee Table from Audo Copenhagen, with their sleek marble lines, simultaneously balance the wood and upholstery creating a serene enclave escape the elements.  

Après-Ski Deck 

Designed to encourage open-air lingering while providing protection from wintry weather, the après-ski deck seamlessly brings the best of the outdoors inside with a fusion of contemporary silhouettes and classic outdoor pieces.  

Luxurious Table Fire Pits 

Separating the space and creating convivial gathering areas, Chaser 38 fire pit tables by EcoSmart offer heat and light with a stylish concrete finish. With enough table space to rest glassware and small plates along each edge, the fireplaces are a safe and efficient use of space, while their natural finish offers a visual symmetry with the stony mountains nearby.  

Warm Accents: Chairs, Tables and Wi-Fi Enabled Heaters 

Between Lines Chairs by Skagerak, meanwhile, offer comfortable seating with a traditional Adirondack-inspired silhouette. Accented with Petros End Tables by Four Hands reminiscent of tree trunks, the combination tempts guests to sit back and relax under Pure 3000 Electric Radiant Heaters–a modern, sustainable and stylish alternative to outdoor propane heaters. The Wi-Fi enabled heaters reach full capacity in just 30 seconds and can be controlled via a range of apps, allowing guests to customize their temperatures in a flash and relax comfortably regardless of nature’s whims.  

Textile Touches

Adding texture and interest to the sleek stone terrace are Mangas Outdoor Area Rug by Patricia Urquiola for Gan Rugs and Sheepskin Rugs by Surya, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out with their mix of natural materials.  

High Desert Resort Suite 

High desert landscapes exude an aura of calm, creating a temptation to escape into their sparse terrain. Fusing desert warmth with the same smooth lines and clean silhouettes of the natural landscape yields interiors that mirror the natural comfort of this striking geography.  

Trophy Light: Superordinate Antler Chandelier – 12 Antlers by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill 

In spaces intended for rest, building rooms around a single dramatic focal point can produce visual harmony and maximize efficiency. Here, Jason Miller’s Superordinate Antler Chandelier, with its bone-smooth ceramic construction, makes an ideal centerpiece. The flame-tipped frosted bulbs create a vibrant glow, while the intertwining antlers of the chandelier are a visually fascinating connection to the wildlife that roams across rustic desert refuges.  

Warmth. Contrast. Texture.

The rest of the suite offers a warm contrast to the striking chandelier. In a honey-toned finish, the Moduluxe Bed by Copeland Furniture and matching nightstands offer storage in a chic, timeless form. Meanwhile, a leather-topped Lucchese Bench by Arteriors and Moooi round area rug add texture to the space, pulling the suite together as a modern exemplar of classic country style.  

Restorative Resort Lobby  

Intended as a dual-purpose entryway and gathering space, the lobby space in this high desert resort utilizes artistic lighting and a soothing color palette to instantly put guests at ease.  

Highwire Act: Equalizer 5 Piece Radial Multi-Light Pendant by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio 

The central focus remains the Equalizer 5 Piece Radial Multi-Light Pendant by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio, a modern aluminum and glass piece that evokes movement and provides an ambient glow while Secto Design’s 4231 Sconces add additional indirect light. The Birch Secto sconces offer contrast to the aluminum chandelier, balancing the lobby’s interplay of natural and man-made finishes.  

Maximalist Modular Seating 

The same harmony is replicated in the central seating area where several Eave Modular Chairs–which can be arranged in a sofa format or as single seats–lie interspersed with Plinth tables. The dramatic pattern of the Plinths’ polished natural marble offers stark relief from the Eaves’ rich upholstery in addition to visual intrigue.  

Large Rugs for a Soft Landing 

Beneath, a selection of round Rive Roshan Rugs by Moooi Carpets arranged in layers continues the visual feast in the space by adding a graphic pop to the room, skillfully complementing the room’s sophisticated energy.  

Regardless of the climate or season, balance between textures, finishes, and materials can make the difference between a simple room and a captivating design. Luckily, there’s no shortage of inspiration nor innovative designers to bring us and our clients the lights, furniture, and textiles of a well-designed life.