The Teroforma Story

Teroforma was founded by Andrew & Anna Hellman in 2006 to create well-crafted--and entertaining--accessories for the dining table. Seeing the dining table as the center of so many activities and gatherings with friends and family, the Hellmans decided that it should be as interesting and welcoming as possible. Today, they collaborate with designers from the U.S. and around the world to make the dining table the place to be, with a growing range of glassware, linens, porcelain, kitchen tools, dinnerware and specialty cocktail accessories.

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Why We Love Teroforma

Whisky Stones. Those two words alone are enough to engender our most profound affection. So simple, yet so surprising: using cold cubes of natural soapstone to keep whisky (and whiskey) and other spirits cold without watering them down. These stones are so great that you might overlook all the other pieces Teroforma has designed. But that would be a shame, because the Teroforma catalogue is extensive and impressive, with pretty much anything you'd ever need to make mealtime with family and cocktails with friends experiences to savor.

A Fun Fact About Teroforma

The name Teroforma is a play on the term terra firma, which is Latin for "solid earth." Fitting, considering the company's most famous product is taken directly from the earth and then formed into cubes.

Noteworthy Products From Teroforma

Co-founder Andrew Hellman came up with the original Whisky Stones after being inspired by a bag of loose stones in his Swedish grandfather's liquor cabinet. For centuries, Scandinavian imbibers have used chilled stones to keep their liquor cold without diluting it. The stones from Teroforma are mined and milled by Vermont Soapstone, the oldest soapstone workshop in the U.S.

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