Taller Uno

The Taller Uno Story

Taller Uno is known for producing high-end, modern lighting that is subtle, soothing and versatile. Distinguished by soft, smooth edges, solid colors and modest shapes, these quality fixtures are designed to complement the restrained sophistication of contemporary aesthetics. From their studio and manufacturing site in Spain, Taller Uno produces a broad range of fixtures using a combination of unique woods, metals and glass, including forged iron, polished or matt aluminum, wicker, polycarbonate, crystal, etched glass, copper and chrome.

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Why We Love Taller Uno Lighting

Taller Uno lighting is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles--kind of simple, kind of sweet. They use a simple mix of materials, from wicker to wood, glass to cotton, and present a soothing, relaxed modern look for the living room and bedroom. There's a sense of retro contemporary in their designs, especially noticeable in the Masai collection. And their 2011 collection showcases designs that have a mechanized creature-like personality, kind of creepy, but cool creepy.

Fun Facts About Taller Uno

Taller Uno means "a workshop" in English. Taller Uno lighting is distributed in the United States by Global Lighting, which also offers Forestier, Secto and Blux.

Noteworthy Lighting from Taller Uno

Even though we know the company's name doesn't actually mean "tall", the Palace ADA Wall Sconce embodies their style while reminding us of their name at the same time.

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Taller Uno