• Shown in 1598 - Tango Leather Cognac

  • Shown in Clara-144 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-148 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-184 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-188 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-244 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-248 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-344 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-348 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-384 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-388 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-444 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-448 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-544 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-548 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-584 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-588 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-684 Upholstery

  • Shown in Clara-688 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-100 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-103 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-110 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-113 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-116 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-123 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-126 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-130 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-143 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-153 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-163 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-166 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-173 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-180 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-190 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-200 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-220 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-224 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-227 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-270 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-337 Upholstery

  • Shown in Hallingdal-350 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-100 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-106 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-109 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-111 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-118 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-119 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-122 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-123 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-124 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-125 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-126 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-127 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-128 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-129 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-130 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-131 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-132 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-133 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-135 Upholstery

  • Shown in Tonus-201 Upholstery

  • Shown in 41580 - Tango Leather Anthracite

  • Shown in 41576 - Tango Leather Altweiss

  • Shown in 41592 - Tango Leather Apple

  • Shown in 41599 - Tango Leather Black

  • Shown in 41590 - Tango Leather Black Brown

  • Shown in 41579 - Tango Leather Brick

  • Shown in 41588 - Tango Leather Brown

  • Shown in 41589 - Tango Leather Chocolate

  • Shown in 41597 - Tango Leather Coffee

  • Shown in 41598 - Tango Leather Cognac

  • Shown in 41595 - Tango Leather Cream

  • Shown in 41584 - Tango Leather Earth

  • Shown in 41581 - Tango Leather Eggshell

  • Shown in 41585 - Tango Leather Grey

  • Shown in 41583 - Tango Leather Marble

  • Shown in 41587 - Tango Leather Orange

  • Shown in 41578 - Tango Leather Poppy

  • Shown in 41593 - Tango Leather Purple

  • Shown in 41586 - Tango Leather Safari

  • Shown in 41582 - Tango Leather Sand

  • Shown in 41577 - Tango Leather Sun

  • Shown in 41594 - Tango Leather White

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System 1-2-3 Standard Lounge Chair by Verner Panton for

$1,560.00 - $2,665.00 + FREE SHIPPING
2020-11-16 early access sitewide gwp m


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Key Features

Ships To Canada

A groundbreaking Verner Panton design created to provoke your imagination with a glance at its figure or a seat in its curves. The System 1-2-3 Standard Lounge Chair from Verpan captivates just as much today as it did when first introduced in 1973. The movement of its sleek ribbon silhouette makes the piece feel alive, exuding a graceful and sensual personality. The fully cushioned chair balances atop a swiveling metal base in a gravity-defying display.

Founded in 2003, Verpan is the exclusive manufacturer of Danish icon Verner Panton’s extensive collection of lighting and furniture design. The company works directly with the Panton estate—in particular, his wife Marianne Panton--to bring new light to groundbreaking designs from the heyday of his career in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

The System 1-2-3 Standard Lounge Chair is available with the following:
  • Designed by Verner Panton
  • Material: Fabrics
  • Made In Denmark
  • Upholstery Selection: Clara-144, Clara-148, Clara-184, Clara-188, Clara-244, Clara-248, Clara-344, Clara-348, Clara-384, Clara-388, Clara-444, Clara-448, Clara-544, Clara-548, Clara-584, Clara-588, Clara-684, Clara-688, Hallingdal-100, Hallingdal-103, Hallingdal-110, Hallingdal-113, Hallingdal-116, Hallingdal-123, Hallingdal-126, Hallingdal-130, Hallingdal-143, Hallingdal-153, Hallingdal-163, Hallingdal-166, Hallingdal-173, Hallingdal-180, Hallingdal-190, Hallingdal-200, Hallingdal-220, Hallingdal-224, Hallingdal-227, Hallingdal-270, Hallingdal-337, Hallingdal-350, Tonus-100, Tonus-106, Tonus-109, Tonus-111, Tonus-118, Tonus-119, Tonus-122, Tonus-123, Tonus-124, Tonus-125, Tonus-126, Tonus-127, Tonus-128, Tonus-129, Tonus-130, Tonus-131, Tonus-132, Tonus-133, Tonus-135, Tonus-201, 41580 - Tango Leather Anthracite, 41576 - Tango Leather Altweiss, 41592 - Tango Leather Apple, 41599 - Tango Leather Black, 41590 - Tango Leather Black Brown, 41579 - Tango Leather Brick, 41588 - Tango Leather Brown, 41589 - Tango Leather Chocolate, 41597 - Tango Leather Coffee, 41598 - Tango Leather Cognac, 41595 - Tango Leather Cream, 41584 - Tango Leather Earth, 41581 - Tango Leather Eggshell, 41585 - Tango Leather Grey, 41583 - Tango Leather Marble, 41587 - Tango Leather Orange, 41578 - Tango Leather Poppy, 41593 - Tango Leather Purple, 41586 - Tango Leather Safari, 41582 - Tango Leather Sand, 41577 - Tango Leather Sun, 41594 - Tango Leather White
  • Item: Width 23.2", Height 35", Depth 20.4"

Manufacturer IDs: view

123LngStdChrClara144 123LngStdChrClara148 123LngStdChrClara184 123LngStdChrClara188 123LngStdChrClara244 123LngStdChrClara248 123LngStdChrClara344 123LngStdChrClara348 123LngStdChrClara384 123LngStdChrClara388 123LngStdChrClara444 123LngStdChrClara448 123LngStdChrClara544 123LngStdChrClara548 123LngStdChrClara584 123LngStdChrClara588 123LngStdChrClara684 123LngStdChrClara688 123LngStdChrHlngdl100 123LngStdChrHlngdl103 123LngStdChrHlngdl110 123LngStdChrHlngdl113 123LngStdChrHlngdl116 123LngStdChrHlngdl123 123LngStdChrHlngdl126 123LngStdChrHlngdl130 123LngStdChrHlngdl143 123LngStdChrHlngdl153 123LngStdChrHlngdl163 123LngStdChrHlngdl166 123LngStdChrHlngdl173 123LngStdChrHlngdl180 123LngStdChrHlngdl190 123LngStdChrHlngdl200 123LngStdChrHlngdl220 123LngStdChrHlngdl224 123LngStdChrHlngdl227 123LngStdChrHlngdl270 123LngStdChrHlngdl337 123LngStdChrHlngdl350 123LngStdChrTonus100 123LngStdChrTonus106 123LngStdChrTonus109 123LngStdChrTonus111 123LngStdChrTonus118 123LngStdChrTonus119 123LngStdChrTonus122 123LngStdChrTonus123 123LngStdChrTonus124 123LngStdChrTonus125 123LngStdChrTonus126 123LngStdChrTonus127 123LngStdChrTonus128 123LngStdChrTonus129 123LngStdChrTonus130 123LngStdChrTonus131 123LngStdChrTonus132 123LngStdChrTonus133 123LngStdChrTonus135 123LngStdChrTonus201 123LngStdChr41580 123LngStdChr41576 123LngStdChr41592 123LngStdChr41599 123LngStdChr41590 123LngStdChr41579 123LngStdChr41588 123LngStdChr41589 123LngStdChr41597 123LngStdChr41598 123LngStdChr41595 123LngStdChr41584 123LngStdChr41581 123LngStdChr41585 123LngStdChr41583 123LngStdChr41587 123LngStdChr41578 123LngStdChr41593 123LngStdChr41586 123LngStdChr41582 123LngStdChr41577 123LngStdChr41594

California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov

System 1-2-3 Standard Lounge Chair Availability

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System 1-2-3 Standard Lounge Chair