Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge

The Synchronicity Story

Synchronicity, introduced in 2017, is a division of Hubbardton Forge that specializes in highly decorative, crystal-based lighting. While staying true to their parent brand’s hallmark sculptural aesthetic, they exclusively incorporate refined materials such as AO Glass and Wave-Cut crystal in a variety of innovative, hand-made designs. Their products also use the latest in energy-efficient LED technology.

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Why We Love Synchronicity Lighting

Synchronicity is not in the business of imitation. Though the crystal market is vast and well-established, they’ve partnered with Swarovski, an Austrian-based crystal manufacturer, to provide innovative, one-of-a-kind fixtures that stand out amongst the competition. Their persistent use of energy-efficient LED technology is another distinguishing factor, creating that iconic crystal shimmer with a negligible cost to the environment.

Fun Facts About Synchronicity

Synchronicity uses specially crafted “Wave-Cut crystals,” which features Swarovski’s recently developed process of cutting. At Lightovation 2017, an international lighting show based in Dallas, Hubbardton Forge was the only company allowed to display this type of crystal. Synchronicity is also a sister brand to Vermont Modern, another division of Hubbardton Forge.

Noteworthy Products from Synchronicity

As though lifted from a classical score, the Rhapsody LED Linear Suspension by Synchronicity embodies the elegant, whimsical nature of the all-to-familiar treble clef. Its design consists of several steel ribbons that bend and curl around a trio of Swarovski cone-shaped crystals. Lighting comes courtesy of a mid-level integrated LED bar that shines down through the crystal and off the surrounding metal for a stunning decorative display.

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Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge