SLV Lighting

The SLV Story

SLV Lighting was founded in 1979 and based in Übach-Palenberg, Germany. In the decades that followed, SLV has become one of the fastest growing and most successful lighting companies in all of Europe. Based on their company philosophy, each product is developed with a balanced relationship between innovative technology, modern aesthetic, and moderate prices. Thus, SLV consistently creates items that offer diverse, affordable lighting solutions for virtually every application, indoors or out.

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Why We Love SLV Lighting

While SLV produces affordable, functional lighting that solves complex challenges regarding design and illumination, they have not forgotten the simple joy of playing with light. SLV continues to innovate, to push the boundaries of contemporary design that most lighting companies take for granted. Their dedicated research and development department regularly works with selected designers to conceptualize and develop new products for the ever-changing lighting market. This keeps SLV and its customers at the cutting-edge of residential and commercial lighting. And while SLV offers a vast collection of well-designed bollard lights, outdoor sconces and other landscape lighting solutions, they also offer indoor fixtures perfectly suited for kitchens, bedrooms, hallways or the entry.

Fun Facts About SLV

98% of all products are stocked in SLV’s logistics center and warehouse in Germany, which makes delivery times as short as possible. In North America, the highest volume products are stocked in Tampa, while low volume products are brought in from Germany.

Noteworthy Lighting From SLV

The granite body of the SLV Arrock Granite Collection is a great organic addition to your outside walkways or patio areas. Atop an ashen body sits a diffused light source that is segmented by layers of glass. This provides several reflective surfaces for an even displacement of light that is both useful and pleasant to the eye. For a more antiquated style, note the Rusty Landscape Collection. Relying on aesthetic perishability to age beautifully over time, these landscape markers recreate the backdrops of old harbor milieus while projecting warm glowing highlights to help guide you through the night.

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SLV Lighting