Skram Furniture

The Skram Furniture Company Story

When designer and furniture-maker A. Jacob Marks founded Skram Furniture Company in 2001, he did so with the intent of redefining American craftsmanship through his unique take on modern design. Focused on the inextricability of good design and fine workmanship, Marks is also inspired by the inherent beauty of natural materials and an emphasis on sustainable practices (controlled through manufacturing exclusively at the North Carolina headquarters).

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It has proved a winning combination, as the versatile range of Skram chairs, tables and case goods are continually specified worldwide in residential, commercial and hospitality settings.

Why We Love Skram Furniture

There's plenty to love. One, Marks' designs. His forms are unique in their negotiation of balance and symmetry, volume and negative space. The furniture pieces are at once modern and approachable, yet restrained and refined. Many of Marks' pieces for Skram combine straight lines with soft curves, giving an overall impression of strength and muscularity tempered with grace and elegance. Two, all Skram furnishings are constructed of natural materials like timber, leather, stone and steel. And three, all Skram products are handmade in North Carolina. Skram furniture's craftspeople make the most of the materials by combining traditional furniture-making techniques with modern technologies and processes.

A Fun Fact About Skram Furniture

No, the name is not telling you to go away. Reverse it, and what do you get? Yup, it's "marks", or the last name of the company founder. Upon establishing Skram, Marks felt that the word had a graphic quality and a directness in the spoken form that reflects nicely the aesthetic of the brand.

Noteworthy Products by Skram Furniture

The Piedmont collection is a large, architectural range of tables, seating and storage pieces. It includes a series of rectilinear wood tables with long, clean horizons that give them an Arts & Crafts feel. Or there are other more industrial-looking chairs and stools that pair smooth beveled wood with distinctive steel framework, or woven leather seats with wood bases.

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Skram Furniture