Simon Pearce

The Simon Pearce Story

Founder Simon Pearce was born in Ireland to artisan parents. When he was just 16, he worked with his father in the family pottery shop. From there, Pearce went on to study glassblowing techniques throughout Europe. In 1977, he started his namesake company with a mission to create designs that generate pleasure and inspiration.

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Why We Love Simon Pearce Lighting

A love for design combines with a passion for human life—this is what truly sets Simon Pearce apart. All pieces are handmade in Vermont and Maryland and housed in several East Coast locations. The company’s compassion goes beyond the scope of normalcy—in addition to their support of local businesses and farmers, Simon Pearce donates 20% of their sales from their LoveYourBrain collection to the LoveYourBrain Foundation, a family-run nonprofit that benefits traumatic brain injury recovery and prevention.

A Fun Fact About Simon Pearce

Pearce and his wife added a restaurant to their factory and storefront to offer a more complete experience for the visiting customer. Proprietors of small businesses, they started with a dedication to support local farmers and businesses, long before the Farm-to-Fork movement was popularized.

Noteworthy Products From Simon Pearce

Using age-old Georgian glass-blowing techniques, Simon Pearce has perfected the art of using glass in new ways. The Woodstock Pendant and the Cavendish Pendant are a representation of this philosophy. Hand-blown glass shades surround the inner light socket, allowing for different bulb types to be used for variation. The Nantucket Table Lamp features a fabric shade contrasted with a hollow glass base. The lamp can be displayed as-is or be filled with mementos, marbles, shells and more.

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Simon Pearce