Rustic Kitchen Tables

Why We Love Rustic Kitchen Tables

The kitchen table is the gathering point of your room, if not your entire home, so an inviting kitchen table is a must. Rustic kitchen tables exude style and comfort, making them a perfect addition to your space. They add a farmhouse chic touch to your kitchen, and they're spacious enough for the entire family to pull up a chair. Natural wood, paired with metal accents, make these tables truly timeless. Plus, you can find the wood finish and table shape that suit your home, allowing your rustic kitchen table to coordinate with the rest of your decor.

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Where Rustic Kitchen Tables Work Best

A rustic wood kitchen table, naturally, works well in the kitchen. Whether you have a cozy breakfast nook or an open floorplan with plenty of space for the table, you can find the right size for your space. While these tables are designed for kitchens, they can also serve as farmhouse-style additions to more casual dining rooms. You can find a rustic table with bench, which you can pair with coordinating chairs, to create a comfortable seating space in your dining room or kitchen. Simply put, in any space that calls for a comfortable yet stylish table and chairs set is well suited for these rustic kitchen tables. And when combined with other rustic pieces of furniture or lighting fixtures, you'll have a well-rounded space you and spaces will be sure to enjoy.

A Rustic Kitchen Table for Every Style

Whether you want a rich, dark wood or a lighter wood that showcases the intricate wood grain of the piece, you can find a kitchen table that suits your space. Moreover, you can find these tables in many sizes and shapes to discover one perfect for your home. Artek blends modern style with minimalist details in its rustic kitchen tables, which add both function and style to your home. Tom Dixon tables feature industrial accents that stand out against the natural wood table. Danish designer Carl Hansen has developed a variety of rustic kitchen tables that feature clean lines, a variety of wood finishes, and leaves that allow you to expand the size of the table for your next gathering.

Choosing the Best Rustic Kitchen Tables

With so many rustic kitchen tables to choose from, you might not know where to begin your search. First, consider the size of your space and think about what size table would look best in it. You might want a round rustic kitchen table for a breakfast nook that's adjacent to a bay window. An elongated dining space might benefit from a rectangular table. Similarly, decide how many people you want to seat at your table. If you have a large family or entertain regularly -- and your space allows it -- you'll want a larger table. Next, look at the finishes of these rustic kitchen tables. You can find a finish in every shade, whether you prefer a rich walnut finish, mid-toned oak finish, or light birch or ash look. No matter your style, there's a rustic kitchen table for you. If you have any questions about the rustic kitchen tables featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

While you're looking for a new kitchen table, you might want to upgrade your space even further by discovering other types of modern kitchen furniture. If the rustic look is your favorite style, discover how you can transform your room with rustic ceiling fans too. They complement the furniture found in this selection and create a cool breeze for your kitchen and dining areas. Finally, check out the collection of dining room tables to find other styles perfect for your home. Slightly more formal than a kitchen table, the assortment of dining tables is a good fit for dinner parties, holiday occasions and the like.

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