Geometric Chandeliers

Why We Love Geometric Chandeliers

Geometric chandeliers add a touch of drama to your lighting style. Bold, sophisticated shapes draw the eye, while splashing light to the darkest areas of your home. Modern chandeliers are available in a seemingly endless array of textures and materials, each emphasizing the elegance and uniqueness of your personal space. The use of geometric ceiling lights throughout your home adds a new dimension of detail to the atmosphere of a room while performing all the necessary functions of a mounted light fixture, and they complement other types of ceiling lights. Whether you need entryway chandeliers or living room chandeliers for your home, there's a fixture available for you.

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Where Geometric Chandeliers Work Best

Modern chandeliers blend traditional charm and grace with complete room illumination. Geometric chandeliers, with daring shape combinations and alluring design elements, elevate the look of almost any area of the home. They add a bold statement of style and let your guests know that only the finest quality will do. When seen from the street, foyer chandeliers separate your home from the plethora of ordinary abodes. Geometric ceiling lights in living rooms cast an inviting glow to large spaces that call friends and family to join the excitement. For the ultimate in entertaining, outdoor chandeliers brighten an otherwise dark patio, creating a late-night refuge.

Geometric Chandeliers We Love

When shopping for geometric chandeliers, one of the first things you will notice is the fantastic selection of styles available. Feiss Lighting offers elegant refinement in each of its many modern chandeliers. For indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, Hinkley Lighting's designs are both artistic and functional. Jonathan Adler creates beautiful, bold chandeliers with innovative design elements that transcend the ordinary. ELK Lighting provides a tempting collection of indoor and outdoor light fixtures, including fabulous geometric ceiling lights, to upgrade your decor. For an excellent selection of handcrafted, wrought iron fixtures, check out the delightful creations at Hubbardton Forge.

How to Choose the Best Geometric Chandelier

Choosing the right modern chandeliers for your home can be a little tricky. First, consider the size of the room to pick the right size fixture. An easy way to decide what size you need is to add the length and width of the room. Simply add the two measurements and change the feet to inches. Using this method, a 12' x 14' room would need a chandelier with a diameter of 26 inches. To make the best use of the light, you need to decide how low you want it to hang before installing your geometric chandeliers. Typically, a hanging fixture in a dining room should be around 30 or 32 inches above the table's surface.

Other Considerations

With so many design options available, you should be able to easily find a style that melds with your personal aesthetic. Modern chandeliers should showcase your design style and lend a creative flow to each room. For more lighting options and to really control the mood of a room, connect geometric chandeliers to a dimmer switch. This is a great option to use with outdoor chandeliers so you can adjust the light as the sun sets. Then you can choose just the right amount of light to cast on your gathering to set the mood. Adding wall sconces can layer your rooms in light, adding interest and singling out artwork or other unique items in your home. Geometric ceiling lights should bring out the beauty of each room while attracting the attention they deserve.

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