Bookcase Lighting

Why We Love Bookcase Lighting

Like the warm glow of the sun upon the beach, bookcase lighting adds functional light while enhancing the mood of the setting. Reading offers a relaxing activity that takes you to another place, allowing you to escape the other parts of your day, if only for a little while. Modern bookcase lighting affords usable light to see the pages without overpowering. Clamp mounting accessories make it easy to affix this style of lighting to any shelving of your choice. These lights are readily accessible and fit nicely into your home's existing décor, letting you curl up with a book on any passing whim.

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Where Bookcase Lighting Works Best

Bookcase lights add functional illumination where you need it most. Whether your favorite reading corner is in your family room or your office, this selection of modern bookcase lighting offers convenience as well as ample usable light. In one ideal layout, you can rest in your reading chair with your back to the bookcase brimming with plenty of options for your next book and lots of shelving surfaces where you can attach the bookcase lighting clamps. This type of lighting also works well in a den or study, in a finished basement and even in a bedroom.

Bookcase Lighting for Every Style

No matter what the location, you can find modern bookcase lighting to suit your style and preferences. Styles by Artemide offer the look of a classic reading lamp, complete with a flexible shade, available in a selection of finishes and base designs. Pablo Lighting brings task lighting to a new level with designs featuring a burst of modern flavor. Choose from rich wooden finishes or a selection of bold metallic hues. Original BTC's bookcase lights offer a generous dome to distribute just the right glow along with adjustable features and intuitive functionality. Contemporary charm abounds with the designs of Artemide, featuring sleek chrome bodies and attractive lighting heads.

Choosing the Best Bookcase Lighting

So many styles of bookcase lighting provide ample options for outfitting your home with functional, beautiful light. Consider whether you prefer a touch of shine with a chrome finish or a bit of warm contemporary appeal found with any of the wooden selections. Modern bookcase lighting features convenience in design as well, allowing you to simply set your light fixture on a surface or actually attaching it to a bit of shelving. Consider the base style, clamp, inset or tabletop design, to ensure you get the most functionality out of your lamp. Finally, keep in mind the size of the light and the type of bulb to make sure it is a good fit for your location and your lighting preferences. If you have any questions about the bookcase lamps featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you like these bookcase lighting options, you may also enjoy the wide array of reading lamps available in many sizes, shapes, and finishes for your home. If you prefer to mount your reading lamps to the wall instead of your furniture, consider the variety of swing arm wall lamps as a unique alternative. Desk and task lamps can carry a similar theme to your home office, den or study, adding a touch of personal style plus plenty of light for your working needs.

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