Seed Design

The Seed Design Story

In the 1990s, an era when the values of design and patents were not appreciated or respected in Taiwan, the young founder of Seed Design was unwilling to be ignored. With determined passion and six sketches, Chao-Cheng rented a small office located in suburban Taipei and began his journey to realize his dream. Since then Seed Design has always had plenty of determination and desire to create innovative products while taking inspiration from mundane and everyday things.

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Why We Love Seed Design Lighting

The goal at Seed Design is straightforward. They strive to create simple, elegant and eye catching designs. With passion being the driving force, their products are timeless and elegant, having a no-nonsense design approach that executes simplicity at its best.

Fun Facts About Seed Design

Seed is actually an acronym, standing for Simplicity, Elegance, Eternity and Delight.

Noteworthy Products from Seed Design

Flexible, moldable and interactive, the Numen Lamp puts the fun in function. Made of silicone, this entertaining lamp is heat resistant, nontoxic, and totally safe for people of all ages. Let your creativity flow and mold this lamp into interesting shapes. Great for a nightlight as well, the fluorescent green lamp glows in the dark for 20 minutes after being turned off, lulling you to sleep.

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Seed Design