Sea Gull Lighting

The Sea Gull Lighting Story

From the workbench of a small lighting specialty store in Philadelphia, PA, just after the First World War (1919), Henry Siegel founded Sea Gull Lighting. With his experience in creating patented hard-wired and portable fixtures, along with the help of son-in-law Martin Hirsch and Edwin Solomon, the company expanded throughout the decades into a nation-wide business, eventually becoming an integral member of Quad-C, the largest source of decorative and functional lighting products in North America.

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Why We Love Sea Gull Lighting

Consistent with their founding principles of quality, continuity, variety, and innovation, Sea Gull Lighting offers more than 3,500 products of on-trend, affordable lighting. They have also been prominently recognized and awarded for their production of cutting-edge, energy-efficient fixtures across 15 product categories. This expansive line of environmentally friendly products includes LED selections that are more than 800 ENERGY STAR®-qualified.

Fun Facts About Sea Gull Lighting

After nearly a century of producing high-quality, energy-efficient products, SeaGull Lighting has become a heavily decorated company. In 2005, they received the first of six EPA ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Awards. In 2008, they were recognized by the American Lighting Association and Consortium for Energy-Efficiency for product innovation with the first of three Lighting for Tomorrow Awards. They have also been a three-time recipient of the ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award.

Noteworthy Products from Sea Gull Lighting

Sea Gull Lighting’s on-trend and everyday style can be defined by the Socorro Chandelier, which is influenced by a classic, barbed Quatrefoil shape. Its open frame and rustic texture exudes a strong, yet sophisticated charm that can transform any given space. Lighting comes courtesy of an internal candelabra, whose relatively exposure allows light to play off the surrounding metal as it expands outward for a warm, welcoming ambiance.

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Sea Gull Lighting