Geometrix by Schonbek Lighting

The Geometrix by Schonbek Story

Introduced in 2004, Schonbek Geometrix is the result of the collaboration between two of the premier crystal experts in the world: Schonbek Lighting and Swarovski. The idea was to bring crystal into the 21st century with clean, geometric shapes made out of sharply faceted Swarovksi crystal. In order to meet modern demand, the available color palette was enormous, composed of numerous colors of high-quality Swarovski STRASS (recently renamed ELEMENTS) and clear SPECTRA crystal.

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The collection has only continued to grow, including even more colors and the latest low voltage and LED lamping.

Why We Love Geometrix by Schonbek Lighting

There are people who may love the sparkle of crystal, but don't necessarily care for the ornate lines of traditional crystal chandeliers. That's where the Schonbek Geometrix line of modern chandeliers and other fixtures come in, in a literally dazzling array of colors, shapes and sizes suitable to modern homes, restaurants and hotels alike. To top it off, there's just something wonderful about having ultra-contemporary crystal lighting created by two companies over 140 and 115 years old (Schonbek and Swarovski Lighting, respectively). Now there's a strong foundation if we've ever heard of one.

A Fun Fact About Geometrix by Schonbek

The stories behind some of the names are nearly as interesting as the fixtures themselves. The ring-shaped Cassini collection is named after 17th century astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini, who discovered a massive gap in the rings of Saturn. The cask-shaped Dionyx is inspired by wine-loving Dionysus. Meanwhile, the name for the cubic Aleax was inspired by Julius Caeser's famous words as he crossed the Rubicon: "Jacta alea est!" or "The die is cast!"

Noteworthy Lighting from Geometrix by Schonbek

The purity of form epitomized in both the Matrix and Refrax collections truly allows the quality Swarovski crystal to shine, making them especially popular in a variety of residential and hospitality applications.

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Geometrix by Schonbek Lighting