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Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Your bedroom isn't a bedroom without a bed. The most fundamental component of any bedroom design is the furniture. You need a place to sleep, to sit and to store your clothes, at the very least. Our simple tips and tricks can help you select and arrange the best furniture designs for your perfect bedroom.

Double Up on Impact


Striking, unusual furniture creates an even more stunning impact when paired with pieces in the same series. Limiting the number of matching designs keeps them from overwhelming the room, while the pairings create a visual cohesion. Balancing that with a neutral, minimal palette gives a gallery-like backdrop for those special pieces to shine.

All In One


In an ultramodern bedroom, especially one with an amazing view you don't want to block, consider a modern low-profile bed with integrated nightstands. Not only does this eliminate the need for separate nightstands, but the smooth lines of the combined piece give it a lovely linear flow.

Set It Up


A quick solution for a cohesive design is to opt for a complete bedroom set. The matching finishes and design immediately give the room a clear personality and aesthetic. Then, coordinate the color tones in the room accessories like bedding, carpets and vases. Layering bedroom rugs using the room's color palette gives additional texture and warmth.

Flat and Flush


For a minimalistic design, consider dressers with smooth fronts and no handles or additional insets. It makes the drawers blend together as if it's one seamless piece. Eliminating feet with a floor-length piece also keeps dust from settling underneath.

Double Trouble


Need more space than one nightstand can provide? Consider putting two of the same bedside table together to double the space. This works especially well with modern minimalist styles or modular components, but don't feel limited by one aesthetic.

Hit the Bench


A bedroom bench at the foot of the bed can serve as a footboard, capping off the end of the bed, but also provides functional seating space while dressing. This is an especially luxe touch with a padded bench in the owner's suite or primary bedroom.

Highlight and Chill


Consider creating a seating area featuring an impact color. Along with a making a functional lounge area, the color adds layers into your design. A sculptural LED floor lamp can add to the design aesthetic without being obtrusive.

Softness Takes the Square


You can capture the clean lines of a contemporary design and still have comfortable elements. A plush upholstered headboard balances the strong angles of a square bedframe. The wooden base adds warmth and texture, and layering the room with geometric elements reinforces the modern theme while feeling ultra-comfy.

Run It Out


are a great way to soften wooden floors of a small bedroom space. They cover the primary walking paths, both to be easy on the feet, but also to protect your natural wood from high traffic areas. They give warmth and texture without taking up a huge footprint or overwhelming the room.

Get Sectional


Make a getaway space in your bedroom. To create a quiet corner to get away and relax, let your furniture dictate each different area. A reading nook with a bookshelf, for example, or a bench for dressing. Clearly defining the areas lets you maximize your space and take advantage all the square footage.

Use What You've Got


If you have a large permanent feature component like a marble fireplace, consider pulling colors and patterns from that for use as the primary palette. You can even match the texture or pattern in a carpet, drapes or other soft furnishings. Then, add a contrasting bright color in one piece to catch the eye and add a little drama.

Get Off the Floor


You can alleviate some of the challenges in a small room with minimalist modern design. A hanging pendant light eliminates the need for a beside lamp, while a wall shelf keeps everything organized and opens up real estate on the floor. The light, airy aesthetic keeps the room feeling as open and spacious as possible, while low-slung furniture keeps sight lines open.

Whether a matching bedroom set or a single chair, every piece of furniture you put into your bedroom builds upon the next to create the room's personality. The pieces you choose define the design of your room, so selecting what to include or leave out is the first step in developing the character of your personalized bedroom.