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Modern Bedroom Decorating Inspiration

Finding your bedroom design style is not as hard as it may seem. Too many options can be overwhelming, but we have a few tips and tricks that should help you narrow down your choices and create the bedroom of your dreams.

Pick Your Shades


Keeping bedroom color selections to one specific color family gives consistency to the room and brings the personality of the color itself. A color scheme using all grays, for example, is neutral and calming, whereas a red room resonates energy and heat.

Mix and Match


Don't feel limited to one particular style of modern design when working on your (very personal) bedroom style ideas. The different sub-genres can blend well together; for example, a concrete industrial modern room is balanced by the warm and intricate glasswork of a contemporary . By interweaving the different elements, you create a depth and interest while maintaining design cohesion.

Lighten Up


For a bedroom with a coastal, beachy vibe, a great start is to think light: light woods, light colors and natural light. Crisp white linens, white walls and white lighting fixtures are certainly light enough, and all that white brightens the room and makes it feel even more airy, clean and inviting.

Bend a Bit


Flexible is clutch if you like to read or look at devices in bed. Look for a bedside light that can provide proper lighting whether you're sitting up or lying down.

Juxtapose Elements


Strong visual contrasts add depth and dimension to any space. Light wood furniture like bamboo placed against a dark wall emphasizes the difference between the two tones and textures. Coordinate accessories in both light and dark shades will also help tie the room together.

Play Around


Fun accessories add personality to a room on a small scale, whether you like a quirky clock or an unusual light fixture. Sparingly doling out pops of the same color throughout the room also adds spark and your personal stamp.

Take a Stand


Valet stands aren't just for men; they're a great way to prep the next day's outfit. With a hanger for clothes, trays for small accessories and hooks for trimmings like ties, purses and belts, a valet stand keeps everything organized, neat and ready to go. Some also have extras like shoe racks or hat stands.

The Sweet Suite


A bedroom suite in the same design style and finish automatically connects the different elements of your bedroom. To make sure that the wood doesn't overpower the room, add in contrasting colors and textures on a large scale, like a big, furry rug or a .

Too Short, Too Tall, Just Right


When considering different bedroom decor ideas, something to look at is the height of the bed frame. A low-slung modern bed with integrated bedside tables can give the feeling of a wide open space, for example, where a higher bed with a feature headboard may become a dramatic visual focal point.

Turn Up the Warmth


If you love a modern design aesthetic, but want a little warmer feeling, try adding in different natural elements and textures in your bedroom decor. Dark glossy wood, warm metals and soft, thickly piled rugs temper the inherent coldness of concrete and steel.

Beyond the Wall


People tend to just scoot the bed against a wall and be done, but playing with the bed positioning can yield creative bedroom ideas. You can place it in front of a window or even in the middle of the room, depending on the features of the bedroom itself and your lifestyle.

Come On Over


When guests come to stay, a well-furnished guest room is key so they have a comfortable visit. The musts: A cozy chair to sit and relax, a with enough drawers to unpack and, of course, a comfortable bed and pillows. Small touches like houseplants and warm blankets add to the welcoming feel.

Hit the Highlights


Multi-tone furnishings add refined yet impactful visual interest in your room. Painted wood mixed with raw or two different tones of finshed wood outline and emphasize the subtle features of the furniture pieces.

Be a Little Matchy-Matchy


Select accessories in a single color and arrange them throughout the room. Whether on their own or in small groupings, they subtly draw together the different components in the bedroom. Adding a pendant lamp in the same color adds to that cohesion.

Show It Off


A distinctive bed is almost a piece of art in its own right; let it shine against a neutral wall in a contrasting shade. A dark wooden bed pops against a crisp white wall, where a lighter bed frame would be highlighted by a darker or brighter wall.

Don't Let Your House Choose Your Style


You don't have to design your bedroom simply based on the type of house you have. The clean lines of modern furniture can go well in an older traditional home, just as an antique piece can be featured and highlighted against the backdrop of an ultra-modern aesthetic.

Layering the Room


For a fun, cheerful bedroom design, play with layers of coordinated colors. A colorful piece of art can be an inspiration when selecting room colors. Take a handful of shades from it and pop them throughout the room in upholstery, bedding, drapes or carpets.

Bring on the Breeze


A helps improve air flow during any season. Fans can add character while keeping the air from stagnating. Contemporary fan designs coordinate with almost any decor style and room size. Flushmount fans sit close to the ceiling and are great for rooms with lower ceilings, while taller rooms or vaulted ceilings are better with dropped fans with a downrod.

Design with a Green Thumb


Add a soothing, natural element to your bedroom with houseplants. Lush greenery brings the outside in, and you can create a lot of visual interest by varying the shapes, textures and sizes of the plants. Consider coordinating the brown tones of any stems or branches to the tones of the furniture in the room.

Wall It Up


Don't forget to take advantage of your wall space. Hanging shelving units are a great way to both showcase and organize items without taking up real estate on the floor. When selecting a wall shelf, consider the types of items that will be stored, and ensure that the spacing of the shelves will fit those items appropriately.

Contour and Contrast


A subtle and simple way to bump up your bedroom decor design is to layer different patterns in the soft furnishings and fixtures in the room. Using contrasting geometric patterns in pillows, art or side tables adds texture and depth. Alternating between soft fibers like knit pieces and fuzzy blankets and crisp fabrics like cotton also adds another sensory layer.

Keep the Roads Open


Traffic planning is a key when brainstorming bedroom decor ideas, particularly with regards to furniture placement. Keep in mind where the hall door, closet or bathroom door are located when placing your pieces around the room to ensure you can easily— and safely— move around your room, even in the middle of the night.

Define a Small Palette


A great cheat for a cohesive bedroom design strategy is to pick two or three main colors, an accent color and one metal finish, and use only those colors throughout the room. A consistent color scheme harmonizes the room, while pops of accent color emphasize small features.

Don't Forget Playtime


Remember that design can be fun. You may have a large, imposing bed frame, but subtly whimsical beside table lamps soften the effect. Selecting a few charming, amusing or fanciful decor items adds a playful touch to your bedroom design.

The only real rule in design is that there are no rules, and that's definitely true with bedroom decor. Whether it's selecting or bedroom lighting, or even just soft furnishings like pillows, blankets and , remember they only have to appeal to you. The more you experiment with design styles and find the ones you like, the more you're able to create a bedroom that's your own perfect haven.

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