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Brass Recessed Lighting Trims

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Color: Brass
  • isskuS7 Limburg 34984 IC-Rated Installation Housing Recessed Light

Why We Love Brass Recessed Lighting

Although most often thought of as a mid-century modern star, brass finishes are more popular now than ever. This golden finish mixes well with other metals but also does a fine job standing on its own, which makes it perfect for brass recessed lighting. We’ll get right down to brass tracks here, recessed lighting is an incredibly practical and versatile style of lighting, but it doesn’t put much emphasis on style. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t just some forgotten vintage applique, brass recessed light trims can look very sleek and modern, but it’s not what these lights were designed for. Brass recessed lighting puts function over style, for a versatile lighting option that can be used essentially anywhere. Install them in great rooms for a perfectly illuminated gathering space or in kitchens to ensure safe food prep. Brass recessed lighting is even a great option for . It adds a little bit of style to the room, but it really stuns with supreme function.

Decor That Works Well with Brass Recessed Lighting

Brassed recessed lighting is available in many different styles, and because of its inherently understated nature, it pairs seamlessly with most other decor. Antique brass recessed lighting has a naturally vintage feel because of the warm, brushed metal, but those warm tones are also present in many modern styles. If you want to give your room a modern feel, focus on the shape of the trim, and choose an option with a sleek, square shape. These bold lines and sharp corners will mimic the nuances found in other contemporary decors. You can also feature supplementary pendant lighting with subtle warm tones that echo the look of your brass recessed lighting. For a little more personality in your ceiling lights, opt for recessed lighting with a brass can light head. This bare-bones style is appreciated in homes with both industrial and utilitarian decor.