PLC Lighting

The PLC Lighting Story

Based in Chatsworth, CA, PLC Lighting was formed in 1989 by the Gilardi family. Based on previous retail lighting experience, they found the available selection of affordable contemporary lighting on the market to be inadequate, so they decided to form a company to make just such fixtures.

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Soon, PLC Lighting garnered the attention of lighting retailers throughout North America and eventually spread to other somewhat unexpected locales: Central and South America and the Caribbean. Today, PLC Lighting's value-oriented contemporary lighting fixtures continuously grace hotels, homes and other businesses throughout these areas.

Why We Love PLC Lighting

PLC Lighting creates affordable contemporary lighting that makes modern design accessible to everyone. They also make their lighting further accessible with a variety of options within the realm of modern lighting: crisp white glass paired with gleaming metal finishes, and colorful, textural art glass in clean shapes. The variety and value of PLC Lighting fixtures are further complemented by a high level of quality, making it contemporary lighting that you not only can afford, but that will also last.

A Fun Fact About PLC Lighting

The PLC Lighting name is a streamlined version of Pacific Lighting Corporation, the name of the company in its previous incarnation as a retailer in the early 1980s.

Noteworthy Lighting From PLC Lighting

The Millennium Bath Bar is the ideal representation of the numerous contemporary bathroom light fixtures PLC Lighting makes. It features bowed panels of ribbed glass held within frames of gleaming chrome. And for a pendant that is sure to light up your entryway or foyer area, look to the Hydrogen Multi-Pendant.

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PLC Lighting